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  1. white crow

    Wrestler Rating Series #6 - Seth Rollins

    In my opinion the far best Shield member. He has such refreshing in-ring skills for this bullshit era. Kind of looks like a lite version of Shawn Michaels. His moveset fits his presence and persona really well and he can always put on an awesome ppv match. I would say that he still hasn’t reach...
  2. InsaneAlphaBeta

    Seth Rollins comments on Jon Moxley and AEW

    In a recent WWE SummerSlam Conference Call, Seth Rollins had a few things to say about Jon Moxley and AEW Here is what he had to say in full below. "I was surprised by it for sure. I knew Ambrose needed some time away from WWE but the thing is, he just loves wrestling, he loves the industry...
  3. The Sheik

    Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose to Main-Event WrestleMania?

    Brian Alverez of the Wrestling Observer said he believes 100% Ambrose and Rollins will be the main-event of WrestleMania 35. The original plan was suppose to be a Shield triple threat with Reigns vs Ambrose vs Rollins All this is rumors right now, but how would people feel about Ambrose and...
  4. bullyballmm

    Elimination Chamber Kurt Angle Resolves the Tie

    Kurt Angle (@RealKurtAngle) | Twitter Thoughts? I think this is great! Better than having a match between the 2 for the spot next week
  5. bullyballmm

    An Analysis of the PPV Performance of the Top 5 Winners of 2017

    Following on from Crimson's thread a couple of weeks ago - Wrestlers with the Most Wins in 2017 - I decided to look at the 2017 PPV performance of the five wrestlers in that WWE article (Seth, AJ, Sasha, Roman & Finn). Life got in the way so I wasn't able to look into it until yesterday, but now...
  6. S

    Extreme Rules The Fatal 5-Way Match

    Is this just another win for Roman Reigns? I don't think so, not this time. What I'd like to see is 2 of them get a pin simultaneously, thus making the match vs Brock a triple threat. Joe vs Balor vs Lesnar sounds awesome to me. What do you think?
  7. I beat It

    Rumor Omega Beef With Rollins?

    That Rain Trigger looks identical to Rollins new move to me. Maybe a little biting going on? Either way if they ever fought it would be a 5 star match easily.
  8. Joseph86

    4 Opponents For Triple H At Wrestlemania 33

    4 Opponents For Triple H At Wrestlemania 33
  9. El Curry

    Royal Rumble WWE Edits Out Seth Rollins Mentioning SPOILER in Surprise Royal Rumble Entrants Video

    Strange I don't see why WWE would remove a harmless comment like that unless it's a whole "HEY they might search this Kenny guy up and start watching NJPW" and we know WWE don't care about that stuff anymore so I have no clue it isn't like NJPW would sue them or anything his name was mentioned...
  10. The Phenom

    Who is the overall best member of The Shield

    So me a my two brothers were watching the highlights of Raw and Smackdown because they were too busy to watch this week. Anyway long story short we entered into a conversation about Roman Reigns and the Superman punch (for whatever reason they really like the move) to each his own I...
  11. S

    Roadblock Potential Set-ups Happening

    Simular to my last thread, this talks about set ups that can happen during Roadblock. Now it is obvious that some of these won't happen, but I can see some of them being set up for sure. Braun Strowman vs. Big Show - A battle of giants Sasha Banks vs. Bayley - Bayley's time is now (*John Cena...
  12. S

    Roadblock Some potential swerves that can happen...

    Chris Jericho Turns On Kevin Owens (Or Vice Versa) This can open the door for a few different things to happen. Having Jericho and Owens facing each other at Wrestlemania perhaps? Who knows but I think this would be a good thing. End it now while it is strong and start the next chapter for...
  13. S

    Roadblock WWE Roadblock: Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho

    Interesting match here, really can't say for sure who's gonna win. I guess that Owens interferes in this match, and Jericho does the same in KO's match. Maybe? What's your thoughts? I'm siding with Y2J being victorious.
  14. S

    Hell in a Cell Seth Rollins vs. (C) Kevin Owens (Match Thoughts)

    WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens will take on Seth Rollins in what is expected to be an EPIC Hell in a Cell match. What are your thoughts on this match? We have two Raws to go before it happens so different things may be added in to it but from the looks of it, this will be a great match...
  15. S

    Clash of Champions WWE Clash of Champions 2016 PREDICTIONS CONTEST

    Click the Clash of Champions logo to play! Prizes Winner - $1000 forum cash & a license to be smug Runner-up - $500 forum cash
  16. S

    Clash of Champions KO vs Rollins (Thoughts?)

    "WWE universal champion Kevin Owens defeated Reigns on Monday night's Raw, meaning he will defend the belt against Seth Rollins in a singles match. Had Reigns prevailed, it would've been a Triple Threat match." The above makes me think Reigns is going to interfere in one form or another. This...
  17. ¡Tranquilo!

    Is Seth Rollins Reckless?

    I thought Brian Zane brought up some pretty good points and I thought I'd share. Maybe Rollins should try to wrestle a little safer, what do you think?
  18. S

    SummerSlam If Finn Balor were to win...

    "The way that Rollins has made his mark on the entire WWE in the last few years, from being WWE Champion to being the chosen one of The Authority to carrying the main event scene for over a year. Since making his comeback from injury earlier in the year he won the WWE Championship from Roman...
  19. S

    Battleground Who should win the Triple Threat Match?

    Who should win the triple threat match? Vote and explain your choice. Dean Ambrose (C) Roman Reigns Seth Rollins (the last option is for people who don't think any of them should win)
  20. Legit Boss

    Money in the Bank Full Updated card for Money In The Bank 2016

    As of the 15th of June, a few days away from the PPV, the matches currently are : WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Seth Rollins Six-Man Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Chris Jericho vs. Sami Zayn...