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    Forum Updates 28/12/2015 - Smiley Manager, User Following Improvements

    I was saving these to go with the new style and other things, but that's being delayed slightly, so here they are now. :burns: SMILEY MANAGER [Legends] We now have a smiley manager. This is where Legend members can add their own smilies to use. These are private and other members cannot use...
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    Forum Updates 14/09/15 - Icons, Events, Fonts, Ads, Upgrades, Profile Views, and more!

    I know it hasn't been long since the last one, but my creative mind is in overdrive recently. So here are the latest site updates! 1: Username Icon & Usertitle Color (Legends only) Now you can choose an icon to display next to your name, as well as a color for it. Right below this is an option...
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    24/8/15 Site Updates / Groups, Multi Prefix, Profile Posts, Style

    It's time for another site updates thread. :cesaro: First of all, the old groups are coming back. All current threads from the new group system will be moved to your old group forum. Groups will also get userbars again and a private room in the chat linked up to a thread of the group owners...