star wars

  1. Swift

    NASA is planning an interstellar mission for 2069

    Mankind hasn’t yet explored some of the most interesting objects in our own solar system — heck, we still don’t even know all that much about Earth itself — but that isn’t stopping NASA from setting its sights at a destination so distant that it would take decades for a spacecraft to even get...
  2. Filet-o-Fish

    Forum Game Star Wars: Time of Chaos (RP)

    In this section will be your actual RP posts, whether they be big giant pieces or small interactions. Either way, as long as you have fun writing that is all that matters.
  3. Filet-o-Fish

    Forum Game Star Wars: Time of Chaos

    Introduction It has been two years since the events of ‘Revenge of the Sith’ and the thought-to-be ‘Chosen One’ Anakin Skywalker has since fallen to the Dark Side, now going by Darth Vader after his fateful duel on Mustafar with Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is now...
  4. RedDwarfTechy

    Games Star Wars Battlefront II Thread

    The multiplayer open beta is currently going on till the 9th. Anyone here checking that out and wanna squad up? I'm on PC and the game apparently looks beautiful, can't wait to jump in later today! Tagging the gaming squad! @Solidus @Solid Snake @Botchie
  5. Tactical Yeehaw

    Movies Star Wars: The Last Jedi / The new trilogy Theory

    *POSSIBLE SPOLIERS AHEAD* (If I am right anyway) Whether you know or not, I am a die hard Star Wars fan and I love to speculate about what the future holds for the franchise's characters and story. One theory has taken the world by storm and that theory is ... "Who is Rey's (the beautiful...
  6. DangerousDancingDan

    Create your own Lantern Corps!

    Here's an example: Name: Dancing Corps. Emotion: Passionat Color: Pink Symbol: Oath: In passionate nights In Peaceful sights No one is free from our dancing might. Those who are afraid of our dancing knights. Prepare to face our Pink Lantern's Light. Leader: Ballroom Dancer Founding...