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  1. S

    SPOILER! Stephanie Burns Chicago Crowd

    So for those of you who watched Raw, you seen it happen live. I guess this is something that everyone has done, like the run-on jokes for making Punk look like a coward though him stepping in the octagon is a heck of a lot more than most of the people who tease him can say they would ever do...
  2. Just Kevin

    Rumor How long before Steph turns on Mick?

    So how long will it be before it's revealed that Steph had knowledge of HHH's interference on RAW a couple weeks back and her and Mick have a feud.. a match between, possibly Seth and KO (rematch), with full control of RAW on the line? We all know it's coming. I'm guessing it'll be the night...
  3. Legit Boss

    News Heartbreaking Update on WWE’s Youngest Superstar- Drax Shadow

    Via Pro Wrestling Dot Biz. Let me first say, this is going to be the most difficult piece I’ve ever written. If you’ve followed me, or read any of my work, even minimally, you probably know the name “Drax Shadow” by now. If not, allow me to give you a brief background…. His name is...
  4. Joseph86

    WrestleMania Planned Storylines/Matches That Didn’t Take OFF For WrestleMania 32

    Planned Storylines/Matches That Didn’t Take OFF For WrestleMania 32
  5. Aztecwarrior480

    Beth Phoenix vs Stephanie McMahon, how do you think it would have went today?

    Let's say Beth makes a WWE comeback as a face and starts a short feud with Stephanie. How do you think the match would have went? Do you think Beth would have easily dominated and won or do you think Triple H would have interfered and not necessarily attack Beth but pull the referee out and...