1. Aztecwarrior480

    MMA Would you consider Fedor Emelianenko to be the Sting/Steve Borden of MMA?

    In a sense that he's referred to by many people in his sport to be the greatest MMA fighter to never compete for the UFC, just like how many wrestling fans and wrestlers used to refer Sting as the greatest pro wrestler to never wrestle under WWE(until he finally signed a WWE contract in late...
  2. DangerousDancingDan

    Sting vs HBK or Sting vs The Rock?

    Which one would you like to see? The Rock vs Sting or HBK vs Sting?
  3. Prince Bálor

    News Sting retires

    Source It's most likely true, but now all we have to wait for is the official announcement from the man himself and WWE. Respect and so long, Sting!
  4. Joseph86

    WrestleMania Planned Storylines/Matches That Didn’t Take OFF For WrestleMania 32

    Planned Storylines/Matches That Didn’t Take OFF For WrestleMania 32
  5. Joseph86

    WWE Superstars Expected To Leave After WrestleMania 32

    WWE Superstars who are expected to leave after WrestleMania 32 8. Wade Barrett 7. Brie Bell 6. Mark Henry 5. Shane McMahon 4. Chris Jericho 3. Sting 2 Brock Lesnar 1. Undertaker
  6. Messiah

    SPOILER! First Inductee in the 2016 Hall of Fame revealed...

    Get him out of the way early. We knew it was going to happen.
  7. Trip in the Head

    Night of Champions WWEF 2015 NoC Predictions Contest

    @Solidus knows the prizes Go here to vote: WWEF 2015 Night of Champions prediction contest Good luck and have fun!
  8. edge4ever

    Night of Champions Sting vs. Seth Rollins

    So folks, Who's going to win this one now that it's official as of smackdown? Will Seth pin sting? Get DQ? Interference? What will happen? Please give your thoughts. Personally, I see Rollins getting DQ which will prompt a rematch. If not, triple h will cause Rollins to win.
  9. S

    Night of Champions Possible Night of Champions matches

    So what can we expect to see at NOC this year? I'm thinking... Rollins vs Sting Reigns vs Braun Stownman Ambrose vs Luke Harper Ziggler vs Rusev (yawn) What else?
  10. CM Punk

    SPOILER! Big Angle Planned For Tonight's RAW?

    - We noted a few weeks back that there was talk within WWE of doing a major angle on the first RAW of 2015 to kick-off the WrestleMania 31 season. At last word, there were still plans to do a big angle on tonight's show. There's been no word at all on what that angle could be but for what it's...
  11. CM Punk

    Survivor Series Rate Survivor Series 2014

    Post your ratings down below.
  12. Trip in the Head

    Bigger Legend - Hogan or Austin?

    Apparently in a recent interview Hulk Hogan was asked the question whether he thought he or Steve Austin was the bigger legend in wrestling.......... I thought that might cause a nice discussion on here. Hogan goes on to state that he actually encouraged Sting to get in the ring now that he...
  13. BeardsOfWarjStylesXL

    Everything WCW

    "Welcome To Everything WCW (world championship wrestling). Wrestlers, Matches, History and More" and here's your (thread host) 'with the most' WCW Long time fan ( Jared aka "FandangxNOx" ) The Shows/Backstage The Power Plant WCW Locker Room Monday Night Nitro Thursday Night Thunder...
  14. Trip in the Head

    Interview with Sting about his involvement with WWE

    Source - Decent Sting interview as the first part of the article. Then the writer goes over the Battleground card which is kind of redundant for us on here. Sting...
  15. Lethal Justice

    Sting return ?

    Veteran professional wrestling journalist Bill Apter chronicled Sting's career in a piece for on February 19, 2014, wherein he stated that Sting's "best days may still be yet to come". Maybe it's just me, but Sting is 55 years old. I have seen numerous articles over the last year about...
  16. RedDwarfTechy

    Sting's Tweet

    I don't really care to be honest but thought some of you might. Points to next monday :P