the shield

  1. S

    The Shield... 3.0?

    So they released some merch and it is official. The three men in black who enter from the crowd are back. What is this now... The Shield 3.0?? Hopefully it goes better this time around... But we will see. So hey guys.. It is 2018.... Who is your favorite Shield member? :dawg...
  2. S

    TLC Thoughts on the 3-on-5 Handicap TLC match?

    What are your thoughts on the match? How do you feel about Kane returning and being a part of this?
  3. 20X20


    :roode: :yes: THIS ALONE made the ENTIRE SHOW for me! With all the talk of how he's running for mayor and all that jazz, and then thinking of how he is in the way latter years of his run, I had no idea he'd show up, or that we'd even see him again any time soon! I love the Big Red Machine...
  4. The Phenom

    Who is the overall best member of The Shield

    So me a my two brothers were watching the highlights of Raw and Smackdown because they were too busy to watch this week. Anyway long story short we entered into a conversation about Roman Reigns and the Superman punch (for whatever reason they really like the move) to each his own I...
  5. CEOHaize

    Very Good Article on Roman Reigns: The Roman APOCALYPSE

    check out the article here: Casual Thoughts w/ Mimi: THE ROMAN APOCALYPSE WHAT IS AN “APOCALYPSE?” When you Google the word, it has a few meanings: disclosure of knowledge, a lifting of the veil or a revelation. The “smarkies” (and I know I’ll catch major slack for using this term) have deemed...
  6. WWESpongefan

    Sister of The Shield (WWE Fanfic)

    This is the only story from that I'm working on. I usually don't start a new story until I finish the one I'm working on, so this may or may not be the last story I post. Again... I don't know if anyone cares about Fanfiction, but I will post it anyway. Here is a summary...
  7. WWESpongefan

    Someone Special (WWE Fanfic)

    I don't know if anyone really like Fanfiction, but I've posted a few of my other stories here. Who Do I Trust and Not So Bad. Who Do I Trust is almost over. I have a lot to post for Not So Bad. On, people like my stories. Mostly Not So Bad, Someone Special and another new one I'm...
  8. WWESpongefan

    Not So Bad

    I know I still haven't finished posting all of my other story, but this is the current story I'm working on. I've gotten more feedback from this story than I have any other story. Maybe this story will get more reviews than my other story. This is the one I've really been wanting to share with...
  9. CM Punk

    The Shield Feud Incoming?

    This is just based off my perspective on how things are going to play out leading from the Royal Rumble. It's been rumored ever since the summer of 2014 that Roman Reigns is the favourite to win the Royal Rumble match, which would leave him to defeating Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Now what we...
  10. Just Kevin

    SPOILER! The Shield - What now?

    So... with Seth Rollins' betrayal in the books what is next for the Shield? Do Reigns and Ambrose form a tag team? I think WWE is a little too high on Reigns for that to happen. Will they team up to take out Rollins? Is Ambrose the next Shield member to turn their back on Reigns? There are a...