1. Jonny Nostradamus

    News Former WCW & TNA Star Daffney Unger (Shannon Spruill) Passes Away

    Shannon Spruill, perhaps more known by her ring name "Scream Queen" Daffney Unger tragically passed away on the night of September 1st, 2021 at the age of 46. Daffney had gone live on her Instagram page, appearing to be in distress, allegedly holding a pistol, and requested that her brain be...
  2. white crow

    News Impact wants to do a show with WWE and AEW

    Impact staff invited the two promotions for Stars Back For One Night Only TNA Event. This could be an awesome show honestly. Still not so sure could WWE find this acceptable. AEW on the other hand, is ofricially okay with it. The Young Bucks accepted the suggestion on social media.
  3. bullyballmm

    Impact TNA's Jeff Hardy Immortal Title

    I feel like I am the only one who liked the design of this title. Anybody else here who liked it? Anybody here who was watching TNA during the "10/10/10" era?
  4. F

    News WWE Alumni Make Hip-Hop Video Together

    Saw this on Sports Illustrated. John Morrison, JTG, and Rocky Romero are rapping together in a music video. Christopher Daniels shows up as a wrestler from the 1980s at the end too. Looks like there are even more wrestlers on the album version of the song like MVP, Sonjay Dutt and others too...
  5. wrestlingtracks

    News Big Vito Interview

  6. wrestlingtracks

    Fan vs Pro Wrestlers

    so apparently wwe superstars are having feuds with particular fans and this week it happened with Maria Bennett a fan as of late the pro wrestling fans have been starting drama and stalking wrestlers even wwe's sash banks and taken thoughts to it Sasha Banks- “I grew up a wrestling fan, so I...
  7. wrestlingtracks

    News Pro wrestling world news

  8. wrestlingtracks

    this week in wrestling review

  9. wrestlingtracks

    News My thoughts on this weeks Wrestling moments

  10. wrestlingtracks

    News my thoughts on this weeks wwe

  11. wrestlingtracks

    thoughts on this weeks wrestling

  12. wrestlingtracks

    best wrestling of 2016

  13. wrestlingtracks

    TLC Im going TLC

    well folks i will be at wwe's tlc in my city dallas at the aa center and i will give you my few cents on this upcoming ppv
  14. The Phenom

    What is your Dream Match?

    Hulk Hogan vs John Cena. Hulkamania vs Cenation. The Undertaker vs Sting. The Phenom vs The Icon. Dolph Ziggler vs Shawn Michaels. The Show-Off vs The Showstopper. We always dream about the WWE matches that never came to be. We spend our free time thinking about matches that could never happen...
  15. akshay

    News WWE Is No Longer Interested In Buying TNA!

    Yes you heard right, WWE Is No Longer Interested In Buying TNA! Watch This For The Reason!
  16. The Phenom

    REMEMBER THIS................?

    I wanted to make an original thread where we can relive old events, matches, segments, and promos that you may have or may have not seen in the past. I personally will upload 2 videos each week on Monday and Thursday to be viewed and commented on.(Occasional bonus videos) Feel free to upload any...
  17. wrestlingtracks

    Former Midget WWE star shoots

  18. SmackChat-Luke

    Rumor SmackChat: The problem with... WWE buying out TNA

    The Problem With… WWE buying out TNA Source: I’m going to call it. WWE are going to buy out TNA from Dixie Carter by the end of today (I’m writing this at half past eight GMT). I have a feeling in my balls; not excitement (lord knows that would make a change) but fear. Fear...
  19. ¡Tranquilo!

    Impact Billy Corgan on ESPN.

    Nothing really new. But I'm confused, some reports say WWE is in the picture, others say no, WTF is going on !?
  20. Wwe Entertainment

    Wwe Dead Wrestlers And How They Died

    Top 10 destructive wrestlers who died under 40