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  1. E.A. Roadster

    News Nick Khan: "We're doing a complete revamp on NXT, led by Triple H. Look for it in the next few weeks, it's going to have a whole new look"

    New graphics followed my a litany of big meatheads that can't run cutting promos about eggs and testicles, I reckon.
  2. white crow

    Wrestler Rating Series #8 - Triple H

    I have huge respect for Hunter when it comes to wrestling abilities and accomplishments. I say for wrestling because I highly dislike him as a person, he was burrying everybody back in a day and is a real dickhead outside of character. But, fuck it, this thing in either way isn't including that...
  3. Jon

    Survivor Series New 5th member of Team Raw

    On Raw Kurt Angle had a hard time saying who the 5th member was so Stephanie Mcmahon came out and said do it now then came back after Triple Hs Song played and he came out and said I am the fifth member of Team Raw then Pedigreed Jason Jordan so we are most likely going to see Triple H Vs Kurt...
  4. Joseph86

    4 Opponents For Triple H At Wrestlemania 33

    4 Opponents For Triple H At Wrestlemania 33
  5. El Curry

    Triple H Not Happy With The Current State of NXT - NXT SA Media Call

    I don't blame him NXT is still great, but it has been a lot better in the past, and the brand split has had a slight effect of taking the talent from NXT, but I don't believe it was a significant effect! NXT has just lost a bit of its hype/momentum at the moment which is a shame because stars...
  6. Joseph86

    17 Times WWE Fans Cheered The Heels And Booed The Babyfaces

    17 Times WWE Fans Cheered The Heels And Booed The Babyfaces
  7. S

    Roadblock Potential Set-ups Happening

    Simular to my last thread, this talks about set ups that can happen during Roadblock. Now it is obvious that some of these won't happen, but I can see some of them being set up for sure. Braun Strowman vs. Big Show - A battle of giants Sasha Banks vs. Bayley - Bayley's time is now (*John Cena...
  8. S

    Roadblock Some potential swerves that can happen...

    Chris Jericho Turns On Kevin Owens (Or Vice Versa) This can open the door for a few different things to happen. Having Jericho and Owens facing each other at Wrestlemania perhaps? Who knows but I think this would be a good thing. End it now while it is strong and start the next chapter for...
  9. Joseph86

    24 Times WWE/WCW Booked The Wrong Guy To Win

    24 Times WWE/WCW Booked The Wrong Guy To Win
  10. ¡Tranquilo!

    News WWE planning Women's Tournament

    This is very interesting and great opportunity for Female wrestlers. I'm very unfimiliar with the Women's indie scene, Taeler Hendrix being the only name I know, so it'll be a great way to introduce these talents to a main stream audience like they did with the CWC. Overall I can't wait to see...
  11. Joseph86

    13 Instances Where Wrestling Matches Were Changed At The Last Minute

    13 Instances Where Wrestling Matches Were Changed At The Last Minute
  12. Legit Boss

    News Heartbreaking Update on WWE’s Youngest Superstar- Drax Shadow

    Via Pro Wrestling Dot Biz. Let me first say, this is going to be the most difficult piece I’ve ever written. If you’ve followed me, or read any of my work, even minimally, you probably know the name “Drax Shadow” by now. If not, allow me to give you a brief background…. His name is...
  13. Joseph86

    Top 15 Disgusting Incidents in WWE History

    " Top 15 Disgusting Incidents in WWE History "
  14. WarMachine

    News Chris Warren Passes Away

    This is sad. He was someone that made some overlooked contributions to wrestling. DX were what the Attitude Era was all about and Chris Warren had a big role in that with his music. This guy's great voice made the music of the Attitude Era. DX, and god damn, I can't think of a better song to...
  15. S

    WWE Network Special WWE Roadblock LIVE Discussion

    (Click here to join the live discussion) WWE Roadblock is LIVE from Ricoh Coliseum, Toronto on March 12th 2016 (8PM EST) Match Card The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and/or Xavier Woods) (c) vs. The League of Nations (Sheamus and King Barrett) The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) (c)...
  16. Joseph86

    WrestleMania Planned Storylines/Matches That Didn’t Take OFF For WrestleMania 32

    Planned Storylines/Matches That Didn’t Take OFF For WrestleMania 32
  17. C

    Super Bowl 50 winners to receive custom WWE Championship Triple H

    The Game has a special gift for the Super Bowl 50-winning Denver Broncos. In a champion-to-champions tweet shortly after the culmination of the Big Game, Triple H tweeted at the victorious NFL franchise with the image of a radiant WWE World Heavyweight Title — custom-plated for the Broncos...
  18. Messiah

    SPOILER! First Inductee in the 2016 Hall of Fame revealed...

    Get him out of the way early. We knew it was going to happen.
  19. S

    Hell in a Cell Greatest Hell in a Cell matches EVER!

    What's your pick? There's so many good ones to choose from, but this choice is about as easy as it gets for me. 6 Man Hell in a Cell match at Armageddon 2000 Kurt Angle (c) vs Rikishi vs Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock vs Undertaker vs Triple H Firstly, just look at the list of names in...
  20. RedDwarfTechy

    What could Triple H's big Raw Announcement be?

    Triple H came out on SmackDown and said he has an announcement that will 'shake the core of the WWE Universe'. What do you guys think it will be? It's promo'd as if it will be regarding Reigns/Rumble result. Maybe Reigns joins the authority? :nope: