1. Geese

    MMA Ronda Rousey documentary

    A Ronda Rousey documentary will coming out on November 19 titled The Ronda Rousey Story: Through My Father's Eyes. https://www.tpww.net/2019/11/various-new-ronda-rousey-documentary-njpw-lions-break-project-2-us-tour-cards-indies/
  2. white crow

    News UFC star Chris Cyborg discusses possible wrestling debut

    (end of the video) Sucessful MMA fighter talked about possible debut in WWE or AEW. She said that she’s a fan of both promotions and that fans stop her on the street asking if she will ever step in a wrestling ring. Cyborg explained that she’s currently focused on winning UFC world titles but...
  3. Paulie G

    Rumor Becky Lynch vs Cris Cyborg

    Lots of rumors going around about Cyborg coming to the WWE. Pics have been seen with Cyborg at the WWE performance center and Becky has even called out Cyborg. Thoughts on the fued.
  4. The Sheik

    MMA Khabib is crying again. Threatens to leave UFC

    First of all, the reason they didn't punish McGregor is because he's the biggest name in the UFC. They can't afford to lose him, they can easily afford to lose Khabib. He ain't shit compared to Conor.. It's a business after all. And second, Khabib totally started this when he cornered Artem and...
  5. The Sheik

    MMA #FireKhabib

    This guy has lost his goddamn mind.. A great fight at UFC 229 and then he hops over the Octagon and attacks a group of people... Not just that, his pussy ass team jumps in the cage and attacks Conor McGregor from behind when he just went threw 4 rounds. The fight was over and he's still...
  6. The Sheik

    MMA Conor vs. Khabib

    This is it.. We are 1 more day until the fight happens. The biggest fight of all time.. Conor McGregor making his triumphant return to the UFC after a 2 year absence, facing this guy named Khabib. This joke from Dagestan. You know, the only reason Khabib is famous at all right now is because...
  7. Paulie G

    MMA UFC 229: Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov who wins?

    Biggest UFC fight of the year happening as Conor McGregor returns to face the most dominant lightweight the undefeated 26-0 Khabib. Khabib is the champ can Conor take back his belt or will Khabib be 27-0?
  8. Paulie G

    Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair who wins?

    Ronda vs Charlotte might be the apex of female wrestling after all Ronda is the X-Strikeforce champion and UFC champion with a reign of 1074 days. Charlotte Flair is a 6 time WWE champion including a 1 time NXT, 4 time RAW, the first Women's champion and a Smackdown champ. Who would win between...
  9. InsaneAlphaBeta

    A Glimpse Beyond SummerSlam...

  10. garyp

    Brock Lesnar Attacks Daniel Cormier at UFC 226 but who wins?

    Brock Lensar ran into the Octagon at UFC 226 and pushed DC the Olympian on his best day of his career. He also called out Stipe, Predator & Beast by calling them names. But can Brock Beat DC? Or has it been too long? Who wins Brock or Cormier?
  11. Paulie G

    MMA Daniel Bryan to MMA?

    Daniel Bryan recently stated that he thinks he can beat Mike Jackson at least on the floor. What do you think of this remark? Is there a chance Daniel Bryan sets out to become an MMA legend? Or no chance?
  12. Paulie G

    MMA Brock Lesnar vs Stipe Miocic

    If Stipe beats DC this weekend it might make a fight with Brock. Can Brock Lesnar beat Stipe? Can Brock become the UFC champion again? Yes or No?
  13. Paulie G

    News Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley who would win?

    Do you think Bobby will ever clash with Brock? I got the opportunity to talk to Bobby about this and he said he wants to match up with Brock if he get's the opportunity he will do it. What do you think? Bobby or Brock?
  14. WholeFN'Moe

    News Would Punk still get a pop if he returned?

    I was sitting here arguing with a buddy & he said if Punk returned tomorrow he would get an "even bigger" pop than he would've received before the fight. I'm not so sure about that... I mean, I won't deny it, if he would have been #30 at the Rumble LAST YEAR, with Roman being the guy in the...
  15. AlexaS

    MMA Brock Lesnar vs Anderson Silva who wins?

    I started to see these videos on YouTube. Brock vs Anderson or Brock vs Conor. Speaking of Brock Lesnar vs Anderson Silva who would win?
  16. The Sheik

    Does Brock Lesnar go back to the UFC?

    I'm just curious what you guys think will happen with Brock Lesnar after his loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania?.. Does he stick around or is he UFC bound? I think he will, although i would love for him to stay with WWE. I always enjoy watching Lesnar... I'll watch his fights in UFC if he...
  17. WrestlingNewsSource

    MMA CM Punk Favored Over Floyd Mayweather In MMA Fight?

    Phil “CM Punk” Brooks is listed as the favorite over Floyd Mayweather if the two were to ever compete in an MMA bout. They’re both inexperienced in MMA, with Punk having just one UFC fight on his resume to Mayweather’s zero, but “Money” is the best at boxing. The UFC already had a “normal”...
  18. Matthew Dennis

    MMA UFC Fight night 121

    We have a fight night this evening and i got some predictions for you on tonights matches check them out UFC Fight Night 121 Predictions: Werdum VS Tybura
  19. Aztecwarrior480

    MMA Would you consider Fedor Emelianenko to be the Sting/Steve Borden of MMA?

    In a sense that he's referred to by many people in his sport to be the greatest MMA fighter to never compete for the UFC, just like how many wrestling fans and wrestlers used to refer Sting as the greatest pro wrestler to never wrestle under WWE(until he finally signed a WWE contract in late...
  20. S

    MMA Brock Lesnar Suspended from UFC

    The Guardian :damn: Took a long time to reach that decision.