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    Is it the lost city of Atlantis? Eight-mile pyramid found under ocean speculates debate

    With the help of Google Earth, an Argentinian man named Marcelo Igazusta has spotted a giant pyramid-like structure in the Mexican seas. As the image of the video went viral, conspiracy theorists have started claiming that this structure is a concrete evidence of the lost city of Atlantis. Even...
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    Pentagon confirms secret program on UFO sightings since 2007; official wants data released

    Just before leaving his Defense Department job two months ago, intelligence officer Luis Elizondo quietly arranged to secure the release of three of the most unusual videos in the Pentagon's secret vaults: raw footage from encounters between fighter jets and "anomalous aerial vehicles" -...
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    Mysterious Interstellar Object to Be Tested for Signs it Was Made by Aliens

    This week, scientists are preparing to study a mysterious cigar-shaped object, the first known interstellar object to pass through our solar system. Scientists will listen to the object for radio transmissions for the first time using the Green Bank telescope, the world's largest fully...
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    Did NASA deliberately cut a live feed of a UFO?

    Is NASA hiding clear video evidence of a UFO descending to Earth? To paraphrase what a spokesperson from the space agency told me when I asked: "Uh, no." NASA increasingly has eyes all over the solar system, whether it's on Mars, above our heads in orbit or, as of this week, around Jupiter. So...
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    China to ‘eavesdrop’ on alien life with giant radio telescope

    China has completed construction of the world’s largest radio telescope, which required the resettlement of more than 9,000 people. It will be used to hunt for signs of alien life in deep space. The Single-Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), as it is known, is an enormous dish made up of...
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    News NASA: Unexpected discovery on Mars may revolutionize planet’s history

    Scientists have come across tridymite, a fully unexpected mineral recently found on Mars which promises to explain how the planet evolved and gives hope to determine whether there was water on the Red Planet at some point. “Analyzing data from an X-ray diffraction instrument on the rover that...
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    UFO evidence

    Post intriguing UFO 'evidence' (pictures, videos or whatever else) here.

    Documentaries recommendation thread

    What are some of your favs? Here is one I really like about UFOs. Great insight into secret us government aircraft testing and other theories .
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    NASA Will Send Your Messages To Aliens Into Outer Space

    I know of you won't read, so I'll just post this cool little excerpt. ''People from around the world will be able to submit their images and vote on those that should be included in the final message. Lomberg and others will exercise editorial control to ensure that no inappropriate materials...
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    NASA has released a free ebook about communicating with aliens.

    Titled Archaeology, Anthropology and Interstellar Communication and edited by SETI Director of Interstellar Message Composition Douglas Vakoch, the document draws on "issues at the core of contemporary archaeology and anthropology" to prepare us "for contact with anextraterrestrial civilization...
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    Top US astronomers: Alien life to be discovered within 20 years

    Two of the United States’ top astronomers appeared before Congress this week, telling lawmakers that the chance of discovering life on other planets is nearly inevitable, and that it may happen within two decades. According to ABC News, Dan Werthimer of the SETI Research Center at the...