1. InsaneAlphaBeta

    NEW Interview with The Undertaker

    For the first time in many years, the deadman himself Mark Callaway has done a out of character interview! here it is below! enjoy!
  2. Joseph86

    Shawn Michaels True Opinon About The Undertaker

    Shawn Michaels True Opinon About The Undertaker
  3. Aztecwarrior480

    Why did everyone hate The Undertaker's American Badass/Big Evil/Biker gimmick?

    I can understand people hating on The Undertaker's American Badass gimmick from 2000-2001 since The Undertaker was out of shape and not as great of a performer at the time but once The Undertaker started feuding with Ric Flair for Wrestlemania X8 and Brock Lesnar from Unforgiven 2002 - No Mercy...
  4. S

    WrestleMania Undertaker vs Cena...

    So let us assume this is going to happen. We will have one last Undertaker match... again. Let us also assume it will be John Cena vs Undertaker. This will be his official final match. With that being said... How would you like this to be booked? How do you expect it to be booked? I think...
  5. Matthew Dennis

    TLC 5 things that need to happen at WWE TLC

    I am a blogger please check out my match predictions for tonights PPV WWE TLC Match card predictions
  6. S

    Rumor Undertaker vs John Cena at WrestleMania 34?

    "At WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Florida, The Undertaker seemingly retired after losing to Roman Reigns. Following the loss, the Undertaker ceremonially disrobed, leaving his hat, gloves, and trench coat in the middle of the ring before descending into smoke from the ramp. Although this was...
  7. wrestlingtracks

    WrestleMania My Wrestlemania 33 Rant

  8. S

    WrestleMania WWE WrestleMania 33 PREDICTIONS CONTEST

    PRIZES Winner: $23 (and counting, increase the pot!) via PayPal, 3 months Legend membership, $1500 forum cash Runner-up: 1 month Legend membership, $1000 forum cash 3rd place: $500 forum cash MORE ON WRESTLEMANIA 33 WrestleMania 33 Live Discussion WrestleMania 33 Betting WrestleMania Bingo
  9. WholeFN'Moe

    Dumbest thing Vince McMahon ever did?

    I mean.... He's done alot of dumb stuff XFL Brawl 4 All Tear both his quads simultaneously trying to get in the ring ....And then there's Roman Reigns But I was watching some old WM build ups on the Network & I gotta say that having Brock end Taker's streak at WM30 was the stupidest shit I...
  10. S

    WrestleMania Roman Reigns should not only beat Undertaker...

    but retire him. This only works if Reigns is a heel, the best case scenario is that he turns heel during the match. Have the build-up be centered around Romans' "respect" for Taker and all he's done, have interviews with Reigns talking about his favorite Undertaker WrestleMania matches and what...
  11. S

    WrestleMania Will this be Undertaker's last match?

    As we all know, the man is getting old. While I think it would have been best to either retire after losing the streak to Brock or ya know, beating Brock and maybe one more person then retiring... Keeping the streak in tact - here we are and he is taking on Reigns. If Roman does go over... Could...
  12. S

    Royal Rumble WWE Royal Rumble 2017 PREDICTIONS CONTEST

    (1 forum post required!) Prizes Winner - $25 via PayPal & $1000 forum cash Runner up - $500 forum cash More on the Royal Rumble at WWE Forums... Royal Rumble 2017 Live Discussion What spots can you see happening? Who do you want to see in the Royal Rumble match? Who will be the Ironman of the...
  13. The Phenom

    SPOILER! Am I the only one to notice this?

    The moment that I'm referencing happens at 1:54 into the video Why did they have that shot at that time when The Undertaker is announcing he will be WINNING the RR? Why am I hearing such words like Ending career and Undertaker in one sentence on some of these rumor sites and youtube videos?
  14. Joseph86

    7 Occasions Where WWE Killed Their Wrestlers Or Their Employees For The Sake Of Storyline

    7 Occasions Where WWE Killed Their Wrestlers Or Their Employees For The Sake Of Storyline
  15. WholeFN'Moe

    WrestleMania Confused about WM33 card... AJ, Dean, Taker ??

    I really can't see it being AJ Vs Dean at WM33 They've already done it & it seems like a simple match, not that I'm knocking it. I wouldn't mind that match, I just don't think they're going to do it again at WM. I also don't see any kind of Triple Threat with those 2 for the WWE Title. Which...
  16. The Phenom

    News Undertaker to Return on the 11/15 Smackdown in Wilkes-Barre

    -- According to their local paper The Citizen's Voice, the Undertaker is scheduled to appear on the 11/15 edition of Smackdown from Wilkes-Barre, PA. -- This will be the 900th edition of Smackdown and the final show before the 11/20 Survivor Series PPV. -- To read the article, click here...
  17. WWE News

    Royal Rumble Big names for Royal Rumble 2017?

    Undertaker I could see, but Austin? Not likely in my opinion. PWMania
  18. L

    WWE Superstars Roman Reigns spears VS Edge spears competition

    Two Famous Superstars for Spears and i love one them because he is my love Edge and i also like other but not too much for spear roman reigns.
  19. O

    Other Sin cara then now forever in an undertaker packaging

    I found a sin cara in an undertaker packaging and am wondering if it would be worth anything significant. Sorry if I am in the wrong sub forum.
  20. afulwani488

    News Undertaker Will Retire From WWE In-ring Action?

    Yes, Undertaker Going To Retire From WWE! Here Is The Proof!!