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    Forum Updates 06/17/2017 - New Theme, Profile Covers

    As you can clearly see, we have a new theme! A light version is to follow very shortly. You'll find new member cards, profiles and other nice additions on here. This should be a great improvement to those of you on mobile devices. Please let me know if anything looks bad or out of place, there...
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    Forum Updates 10/12/16 - Threadmarks, Tag Emails & Post Formatting

    Couple of new things to let you know about. THREADMARKS These are bookmarks within threads. You can set any post in your own thread as a threadmark, give it a title and it'll be shown next to the thread pagination. Moderators can add threadmarks in any thread. OTHER MISC. CHANGES You...
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    WWE Forums Tech Changelog

    A log of all technical updates made to WWE Forums for easier debugging of issues that may arise.
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    XenForo 1.4 & New Features

    With the upgrade to 1.4, a number of new features have been added and improvements made. I'll list them here and screenshot some. Poll Improvements You can now edit existing polls, and there are more options when creating a poll, (click for more info) Profile Posts The sidebar will now...