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  1. bdgamingproduction

    Has anyone tried WWE new video game?

    I was wondering has anyone tried WWE new video game? If so is that video game pretty cool?
  2. Aztecwarrior480

    Do you think the recent WWE 2K games are boring?

    I haven't tried WWE 2K17 but I have played 2K16 on my PS4 and so far, it feels extremely repetitive and boring compared to many other WWE games of the past(though not as bad as 2K15, where it had even less game content than 2K16). WWE 2K16 just doesn't feel interactive enough(gameplay-wise) with...
  3. ¡Tranquilo!

    Games SOULSBORNE Discussion Thread.

    A Thread to discuss any of these games. Currently making my way through Bloodborne dont know if i'll ever get around to any three of the DarkSouls games though.
  4. Aztecwarrior480

    What are your most favorite WWE video games of all time?

    My obvious favorite has to be a tie between WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain and Smackdown Shut Your Mouth(both on the PS2), along with the very first Smackdown game(on PS1) and Smackdown 2: Know Your Roles being behind HCTP and SYM. All of these great WWE games had no limitations at all in...
  5. CM Punk

    News Nerd Buys Worlds Largest Video Game Collection For $750,000

    "The world's largest video game collection has found a new home. Michael Thomasson’s epic collection, which includes over 11,000 unique games, was sold for a whopping $750,250 at auction this week. While the name of the winning bidder (who goes by the online handle "peeps_10091970") is...