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  1. InsaneAlphaBeta

    Lets talk about Roman.

    So this is something ive been thinking about today, and figured there was no better place to discuss it then right here. So lets jump right in. Lets talk about Roman Reigns. -WRESTLEMANIA 34 & GREATEST ROYAL RUMBLE- So, At Wresltemania, we were at a point, atleast a decent portion of fans...
  2. S

    Other XFL Discussion Thread

    Vince McMahon made the announcement today. The XFL will be launching in 2020. Are you excited? The announcement stream starts at 31:05
  3. Jon

    Rumor Vince Mcmahon likes Matt Hardy's Broken/Woken Character

    So Vince Mcmahon likes the Broken/Woken character of Matt Hardy and gave him creative control of it and WWE is using Woken so they can trademark that and since Matt Hardy owns the rights to the Broken Character if he did leave WWE again he can go back to his Broken Character without any problems...
  4. Shayon

    How much more ridiculous can Vince McMahon make Roman look?

    At this past Sunday's No Mercy PPV, John Cena and Roman Reigns faced each other in what was called as a Wrestlemania 'dream' match. According to me, the match underdelivered, and what annoyed me to the core was that, in this 22 minute match, Vince McMahon's corporately created John Cena version...
  5. The Reagmaster

    News Vince was almost the bunny...

    In talking with Chris Van Vliet about the fallout from the piece ESPN did on him for E60, Rose mentioned the WWE response to it, and how that extended to The Bunny. Within that, we learn they had a crazy idea that, when considering WWE, really doesn't seem that crazy: Source:Adam Rose says...
  6. The Phenom

    News Vince Totals His Bentley!

    Vince McMahon was involved in a car accident today, according to one of our readers and reportedly totaled his Bentley. However, his injuries were minor and he was seen walking around after the accident. :kiss: -- TMZ also reported on the story here. Multiple law enforcement sources confirm...
  7. WholeFN'Moe

    Dumbest thing Vince McMahon ever did?

    I mean.... He's done alot of dumb stuff XFL Brawl 4 All Tear both his quads simultaneously trying to get in the ring ....And then there's Roman Reigns But I was watching some old WM build ups on the Network & I gotta say that having Brock end Taker's streak at WM30 was the stupidest shit I...
  8. Joseph86

    6 Times Vince McMahon Got Humiliated On TV

    6 Times Vince McMahon Got Humiliated On TV
  9. Aztecwarrior480

    Which of the two do you think is the dumbest idea Vince McMahon has ever came up with?

    The XFL or the Brawl for All? Even though the Brawl for All was actually originally a stupid idea created by Vince Russo just to deliberately humiliate Bradshaw/JBL(who's been bragging backstage about how he could beat anyone up in a real life fight), this at least had some potential if...
  10. ShaRpY HaRdY

    News Who's running 205 Live?

    You may or may not have been asking yourself since the show went live on the Network who exactly is running the strings behind the program.. Well as opposed to NXT where Triple H has the final say.. the CW Division program '205 Live' is apparently being ran by the minds of Vince himself and...
  11. S

    Hell in a Cell Vince tells Charlotte "No"

    "According to Top Rope Wrestling, she pitched the idea to Vince McMahon that she should do a Moonsault off the top of the cage! There's no further details, so we don't know what the context would have been. Perhaps Sasha would be on the announcers table like The Undertaker was at WrestleMania 32...
  12. SmackChat-Luke

    Rumor SmackChat: The problem with... WWE buying out TNA

    The Problem With… WWE buying out TNA Source: I’m going to call it. WWE are going to buy out TNA from Dixie Carter by the end of today (I’m writing this at half past eight GMT). I have a feeling in my balls; not excitement (lord knows that would make a change) but fear. Fear...
  13. S

    Happy Birthday to Vince McMahon

    Vince has turned 71 today. Celebrate by talking about all the best memmories you had of Vince, sharing your favorite videos, gifs, or memes, or just talking about what a scum bag he is! :happy:
  14. Joseph86

    13 Wrestlers WWE Tried To Push To The Top But Failed

    13 Wrestlers WWE Tried To Push To The Top But Failed
  15. Legit Boss

    The “True” Wrestling Fans: Cause for Divide in the Pursuit of Validation

    this is an amazing article by Zak Fellows of about real wrestling fans and how they affect wrestling, also discusses Eva Marie's skills. The “True” Wrestling Fans: Cause for Divide in the Pursuit of Validation Naturally, it is in our human nature to have differing mind sets and...
  16. Joseph86

    5 Things "The Undertaker" is yet to achieve in WWE

    5 Things "The Undertaker" is yet to achieve in WWE I would have also included ..... Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and ECW Championship Too
  17. Pop Tatari

    Vincent Kennedy McMahon-legendary Entertainer

    never seen this before but Elvis eat your heart out. pure epicness :kiss:
  18. Neptune

    WrestleMania WrestleMania 32 Reportedly Breaks WWE Record

    Vince McMahon may get his wish of breaking the all-time attendance record at WrestleMania. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported Thursday that WrestleMania 32—taking place at AT&T Stadium on April 3 in Arlington, Texas—has broken the WWE record with at least 84,000 tickets sold (via...
  19. Joseph86


    SHANE MCMAHON TRAINING FOR WRESTLEMANIA 32 – OMG It looks like Shane McMahon might wrestle for real. He was seen in this video working out in the gym with his trainer
  20. Joseph86

    13 Wrestlers Crushed By Vince McMahon - Wrestlers Vince Hated The Most

    Throughout his run as the chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon has seen his fair share of ups and downs. Former wrestlers have either loved McMahon like a father, or despised the way he did business with them. Despite some of the displeasures, McMahon has managed to keep a close relationship with...