1. Joseph86

    Rumor Vince Mcmahon & Shawn Michaels Are Lovers!!!!

    Vince Mcmahon & Shawn Michaels Are Lovers!!!! Even Shawn Michaels himself admits he had a lot of baggage during the 1990’s, refusing to do jobs, losing his smile, allegedly faking injuries to get out of undesirable matches, and generally being a cancer backstage with the politics of the Kliq...
  2. Legit Boss

    Rumor Vince McMahon no longer behind Roman Reigns

    WWE bet big on Roman Reigns when Seth Rollins went down with an injury last November. In a way, WWE had to do it, but it was ultimately what they wanted to do, so it all worked out for them. That was until a few weeks ago when Reigns violated the WWE Wellness Policy and was essentially forced...
  3. The Reagmaster

    Other NOW! THIS IS WRESTLING discussion

    This is where we discuss the company that is starting to rise which is run by famous youtuber Tony Pizza Guy, Jack Lubash and the almighty bro, Vince Russo! OMG OMG OMG
  4. steverson421

    Jonathan Coachman loves him some Vince McMahon

    Interesting listen. Coach says Vince bought a helicopter just to sign Coachman. And a return, a formal return, sounds imminent. ESPN Jonathan Coachman Doesn't Dream. He Hustles. Thoughts?