1. WrestleRacer91

    What Would You Like To See Most?

    I posted this poll on my status earlier but was told I could ask it here. So, what "be the booker" (BTB) would like to see and read and react to the most?
  2. WrestleRacer91

    What If? - The nWo Was Never Formed

    Just image what the world of professional wrestling would be like if there was never an nWo. What do you think wrestling would be like? Would it still even be around without them? Would WCW have survived as long as they did? Leave your thoughts and opinions down below.
  3. Joseph86

    Anybody seen this wrestling executive?

    Guys , anyone has an image of Bill Busch ? The guy who ran WCW for a short moment
  4. Grubberg

    WCW Logo Request/WWF Requests.

    I heard that Vince McMahon wanted something different than want we got with the Invasion angle. I got some names that Vince McMahon came up with for the new WCW Show. WCW would took over Smackdown spot. Here are the names of the WCW Show: WCW Saturday Night Nitro WCW Hot Box WCW Uprising...
  5. wrestlingtracks

    News Big Vito Interview

  6. wrestlingtracks


  7. wrestlingtracks

    Fan vs Pro Wrestlers

    so apparently wwe superstars are having feuds with particular fans and this week it happened with Maria Bennett a fan as of late the pro wrestling fans have been starting drama and stalking wrestlers even wwe's sash banks and taken thoughts to it Sasha Banks- “I grew up a wrestling fan, so I...
  8. W

    Xbox New WWE 2k17 Universe Mode Series

    Tired of the same predictable programming each week from WWE? Pissed off because the superstars who deserve to be pushed never get one? Tired of Roman Reigns? Well we have the videos for you! Come check out our new WWE Universe Mode Story collection for fresh content, interesting storylines, and...
  9. Swift

    Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends - Wrestling

    Have you guys seen this documentary? This dude interviews a few WCW guys, checks out the WCW training plant and follows some "extreme" Indy fed. So fucking funny. Pretty cringe too. Worth watching.
  10. The Phenom

    What is your Dream Match?

    Hulk Hogan vs John Cena. Hulkamania vs Cenation. The Undertaker vs Sting. The Phenom vs The Icon. Dolph Ziggler vs Shawn Michaels. The Show-Off vs The Showstopper. We always dream about the WWE matches that never came to be. We spend our free time thinking about matches that could never happen...
  11. The Phenom

    REMEMBER THIS................?

    I wanted to make an original thread where we can relive old events, matches, segments, and promos that you may have or may have not seen in the past. I personally will upload 2 videos each week on Monday and Thursday to be viewed and commented on.(Occasional bonus videos) Feel free to upload any...
  12. Joseph86

    TOP 7 Superstars Who Won Gold In ECW , WWE and WCW

    TOP 7 Superstars Who Won Gold In ECW , WWE and WCW
  13. Joseph86

    Wrestlers Who Got Over in Loosing Efforts

    Guys, I've been thinking about " Wrestlers Who Got Over in Loosing Efforts ", here's my list 1) Diesel vs Bret Hart – Survivor Series 1995; Bret Won 2) Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels - WrestleMania XIX; Shawn Won 3) Daniel Bryan vs John Cena – SummerSlam 2013; Triple Screwed Daniel 4)...
  14. PowerThatBe

    Rebooking WCW from 1995 to 2001

    Hello guys, as you can see from thread title, I'm going to re-book WCW in Monday Night Wars timetable. I hope you will enjoy it :)
  15. DangerousDancingDan

    Other Wrestlers/Divas/Knockouts that was in WCW.

    I having this YTT (YouTubeTroll) saying that AJ Styles wasn't in WCW. I gladly send him some links to prove to him/her. My guess was this person either did the research or wasn't born around. This person is keeps on saying AJ Styles wasn't in WCW. I replied, "I guess you deleted my links."...
  16. Joseph86

    Anybody heard of Abdullah the Butcher and The McGuire Twins

    Is Abdullah guy similar to New jack ?
  17. Aztecwarrior480

    Would you consider Goldberg to be an overrated wrestler with high pop but limited skills who was...

    pushed to the moon by WCW and WWE or do you think he's a great wrestler who may have possibly had some wrestling skills that he neglected? Many wrestling fans I knew felt that they like Goldberg strictly for his unstoppable wrestling gimmick but felt that he had poor wrestling skills and seems...
  18. BeardsOfWarjStylesXL

    If The WWE used Cruiserweights...

    They already use a modified united states title, you might as well swing for the fences and use another title from your greatest rival. Let's face it, even I can admit wcw will never come back but they can be "used" for the greater good. Bring back the CW title, put all the 'little dudes' in the...
  19. Trip in the Head

    Bigger Legend - Hogan or Austin?

    Apparently in a recent interview Hulk Hogan was asked the question whether he thought he or Steve Austin was the bigger legend in wrestling.......... I thought that might cause a nice discussion on here. Hogan goes on to state that he actually encouraged Sting to get in the ring now that he...
  20. BeardsOfWarjStylesXL

    Everything WCW

    "Welcome To Everything WCW (world championship wrestling). Wrestlers, Matches, History and More" and here's your (thread host) 'with the most' WCW Long time fan ( Jared aka "FandangxNOx" ) The Shows/Backstage The Power Plant WCW Locker Room Monday Night Nitro Thursday Night Thunder...