1. Psycho Rangers

    Backlash Jack the Jobber's 10 Biggest Moments in Backlash History

    10 Biggest Moments In The History Of WWE Backlash Yesterday, Jack the Jobber of WhatCulture posted an article listing his 10 biggest moments in Backlash history, touching on subjects such as Big Show chokeslamming John Cena into a spotlight and Hulk Hogan's Undisputed Championship win over...
  2. S

    SummerSlam WhatCulture's 10 early predictions

    10. The New Day's Reign Comes To An End 9. Becky Lynch Gets Her Revenge 8. Sami Zayn Gets The Gold 7. Sasha Banks Becomes The Alpha Female 6. The Miz Gets His Comeuppance 5. John Cena Vs. AJ Styles 4. Brock Lesnar Defeats Randy Orton 3. Finn Balor Climbs The Ladder 2. Roman Reigns Makes A New...
  3. S

    Adam & Kenny of WhatCulture interview AJ Styles

    I guess WWE is the right section now... Good video, AJ Styles seems like a great guy. No info given regarding WWE though.