1. Aztecwarrior480

    Other Would you say that pro wrestling in Japan is far ahead of the WWE and most US-based...

    pro wrestling organizations when it comes to booking of women wrestlers? For instance, I don't recall Japanese women wrestlers ever having this whole "Women's revolution" movement throughout the entire existence of Womens Wrestling in Japan up to this day because they never needed it since they...
  2. Aztecwarrior480

    Has there ever been a WWE Diva/Wrestler who you felt that has the most bubbly personality...

    backstage/outside(real life) of their wrestling career? Judging by a lot of WWE autograph convention center videos and shoot interviews, it seems like Kaitlyn(Celeste Bonin), Sensational Sherri(Sherri Martel) and Ivory have the most bubbly personalities in real life compared to the rest of the...
  3. Aztecwarrior480

    Do you think a woman with the mic and booking skills of Paul Heyman would have helped..

    womens wrestling evolve more in the WWE? Like a female manager and writer with the mic and booking skills and a mindset, all not exactly AS skilled as Paul Heyman but at least in his class. I'm not exactly sure if this whole Divas/Women's Revolution is still currently a thing right now in WWE...
  4. S

    Will women ever main event WrestleMania?

    So this year we've seen... - Women main event a PPV in NXT - Women main event Hell in a Cell - Women in their first ever Hell in a Cell match as well as them being in iron man matches, tables matches and more. WWE is finally taking women's wrestling seriously and the women are making us take...
  5. Ricky Daniels

    Forum Game Who would you pick?

    The original game came from me and @Legit Boss messing about in the chat whilst talking about the euro's. Anyone can play and the only rules are you need to explain the choice. Lana or Paige? Summer Rae or Charlotte? Natalya or Beth Phoenix? Lita or Mickie James?
  6. Legit Boss

    18+ Brooke Tessmacher <3

  7. Legit Boss

    18+ Eva Marie's Donut's

  8. Swift

    News This is why women shouldn't have jobs...

    Put your pitchforks away feminists, I'm only joking. :kobe: A Delta Airlines flight was forced to make an unscheduled landing after two female flight attendants had a punch-up 37,000 feet in the air. Two staff members aboard flight 2598 traveling from Los Angeles to Minneapolis last week had...
  9. CM Punk

    If there was no law against hitting women, would you hit a women?

    What the title says. #controversial
  10. ShaRpY HaRdY

    Alexa Bliss Admiration Thread

    I have more this post was just getting long :P @Butters! and @CM Punk