1. Aztecwarrior480

    Other What do you think makes a Pro Wrestler greater, having in great technical skills or...

    being hugely over with the fans(regardless of wrestling skills)? Obviously, you need both to be considered a great wrestler but if you had to pick only one between the two. Which one do you think makes a wrestler greater?
  2. wrestlingtracks

    Fan vs Pro Wrestlers

    so apparently wwe superstars are having feuds with particular fans and this week it happened with Maria Bennett a fan as of late the pro wrestling fans have been starting drama and stalking wrestlers even wwe's sash banks and taken thoughts to it Sasha Banks- “I grew up a wrestling fan, so I...
  3. Aztecwarrior480

    Is there ever a wrestler that you were surprised of, that came off as highly intelligent?

    I'll admit, Eddie Guerrero(outside of his lie, cheat and steal gimmick) and Kane(outside of his intimidating, monsterous gimmick) came off to me as surprisingly highly intelligent and articulate judging by all their shoot interviews I've watched. For instance, there was shoot interview I've...
  4. Aztecwarrior480

    Is there a WWE wrestler you were entertained by that can't wrestle worth crap but has...

    a very entertaining gimmick, body physique and stature? As god-awful bad as The Great Khali was in the ring(as far as wrestling skills go), I'll admit, I still found his dominating monsterous heel gimmick(during 2006-2008) and his intimidating presence to be entertaining.
  5. Aztecwarrior480

    Who in your opinion do you think are a few of the most well-rounded pro wrestlers in the WWE?

    Well-rounded in terms of having not only technical wrestling skills but charisma, strength, power and high flying abilities or at least comes close to having most of them? IMHO, it's gotta be Kurt Angle(Charisma, technical skills and some strength), Brock Lesnar(Technical Skills, Strength...
  6. S

    Wrestler Word Association

    I saw Austin and HHH do this on the Stone Cold Podcast. Say a wrestlers name and the next poster states their opinion on them, and lists another wrestler for the next poster. Let's do this. :bodallas: First up: Ryback