1. PaulieGMMA

    How would Ronda do now if she went back to fighting?

    Ronda blessed us with almost a year of great wrestling and she was a great MMA fighter as well as Judoka. If Ronda went back to fighting now how do you think she would do against the current UFC champion Valentina Shevchenko?
  2. Aztecwarrior480

    Do you find some hardcore pro wrestling fans to take pro wrestling too seriously?

    For instance, some wrestling fans on the internet trashed on Kenny Omega for his match with a 9 year-old Japanese girl(Haruka) at DDT Wrestling because it supposedly kills the "sport" feel or credibility of pro wrestling as an industry, when this match was never meant to be taken seriously to...
  3. Aztecwarrior480

    Games Have any of you ever gotten into the Fire Pro Wrestling video game franchise?

    Before Fire Pro, I use to play mainly WWE Smackdown games as my main wrestling games to play until they went down the shitter with 2K Sports(2K14 is probably the only decent WWE/pro wrestling game that came out of 2K). Then came Fire Pro Wrestling World and that game is just an addiction to me...
  4. WholeFN'Moe

    Other few drunken questions

    hello & welcome to another edition of moe's very very intoxicated & wants to talk about random wrestling things! topics today will include: -Who do you think SHOULD be in the Rumble vs Who do you think WILL be in the Rumble -Also... one day I will marry Bianca Bellaire -Do you think Kenny...
  5. BeardsOfWarjStylesXL

    Other Lucha Underground Season 4 Weekly Discussion

    Discuss Season 4 in this thread every week as new episodes air. You can discuss the premiere and future episodes as well. The premiere episode included Aztec Warfare 4 where the champion Pentagon Dark defended his championship; against 19 other competitors including several surprises; Aztec...
  6. Tactical Yeehaw

    Why Professional Wrestling is Fascinating

    I've followed this channel on Youtube for a while now and they posted this video today that I wanted to share you all of you. He normally does anime and manga stuff, but let's be honest ... Wrestling is the greatest anime. So hopefully this guy gets some love and you guys and gals enjoy his...
  7. Aztecwarrior480

    Other Would you say that pro wrestling in Japan is far ahead of the WWE and most US-based...

    pro wrestling organizations when it comes to booking of women wrestlers? For instance, I don't recall Japanese women wrestlers ever having this whole "Women's revolution" movement throughout the entire existence of Womens Wrestling in Japan up to this day because they never needed it since they...
  8. Joseph86

    15 WWE Wrestlers Who Used A Friend To Get Into Wrestling Biggest Destination - WWE

    15 WWE Wrestlers Who Used A Friend To Get Into Wrestling Biggest Destination - WWE
  9. Richard Ruiz


    Checkout this past year's ECWA Super 8 Chick Fight Tournament (Match line up includes) First Round Match's - Deonna Purrazzo vs Allie Recks - Skylar Marie vs Kaitlin Diamond - Karen Q vs Christie Marie - Santana Garrett vs Samantha Heights ECWA Unified Heavyweight Championship Match - Bobby...
  10. 20X20


    HELL IN A CELL was a GOOD SHOW that over-achieved. It was violent, it was adrenaline-pumping, and it made me go, "HOLY SHIT!" a number of times. Video link:
  11. Aztecwarrior480

    If you were to aspire to become a pro wrestler in the future, would you prefer to wrestler under...

    WWE or NJPW? As nice as it looks to work for the WWE as a pro wrestler under their contract, it doesn't sound like it's really all sunshine and rainbows considering the amount of backstage bullying that goes on in the WWE, along with a very rigorous work schedule for WWE wrestlers, traveling...
  12. RedDwarfTechy

    is Jobbing an american concept?

    I started thinking about this when I started watching NJPW. I saw a guy like Cheeseburger NOT get squashed, I mean, this guy is half the size of Ellsworth. I mean, he didnt look super strong of course but he lasted more than a couple of minutes. And the more I watched of the NJPW product, the...
  13. W

    Xbox New WWE 2k17 Universe Mode Series

    Tired of the same predictable programming each week from WWE? Pissed off because the superstars who deserve to be pushed never get one? Tired of Roman Reigns? Well we have the videos for you! Come check out our new WWE Universe Mode Story collection for fresh content, interesting storylines, and...
  14. Shayon

    NJPW Does Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega really deserve a six star rating?

    On January 4 this year, at the Super Bowl of NJPW, Wrestle Kingdom 11, the world saw Kazuchika Okada go on to defend his IWJP title against one of my all time favorites, Kenny Omega, for the first time ever. And after 47 minutes of one of the most intense matches I've ever seen, Okada retained...
  15. Aztecwarrior480

    MMA Would you consider Fedor Emelianenko to be the Sting/Steve Borden of MMA?

    In a sense that he's referred to by many people in his sport to be the greatest MMA fighter to never compete for the UFC, just like how many wrestling fans and wrestlers used to refer Sting as the greatest pro wrestler to never wrestle under WWE(until he finally signed a WWE contract in late...
  16. Fireshock

    Your Wrestling merchandise

    Not sure which section to put this thread, thought I would put it here. So bits of wresting merchandise do you own ? Anything from T shirts, wristbands, action figures etc past brought one or most recently brought ones ? I will start with two t shirts I got recently:
  17. ¡Tranquilo!

    Movies The Wrestler

    Watched this movie for the first time yesterday and was blown away by how good it was. I always heard good things about it and some regard it as one of the greatest films ever made, that may be stretching it a little too far but it's a good movie nonetheless. If you've never seen it before the...
  18. wrestlingtracks

    the King Replaced by David Otunga

  19. wrestlingtracks

    wwe money in the bank rant

    this is my full rant on wwe money in the bank 2016 the good the bad and the ugly
  20. wrestlingtracks

    Impact MY TNA Impact RANT

    Yes i understand TNA and pop tv had technical issues but this was a outrage that pop tv could of shown a ppv or atleast a movie so fans could wait for the Tuesday night impact if anything happens with tna its because of this and the ratings dropped due to this situation and pop tv or tna could...