wwe 2k16

  1. Kalisto2399

    2K16 WWE Draft Redo

    I was hoping to do a Universe mode on WWE 2k16 with split brands, and I wanted to see if any of you guys wanted to participate in a draft for it. If you're interested, just reply and I'll give the rules.
  2. The Reagmaster

    WWEF Universe Mode Version 4.0! Its back!

    Ladies and Gentleman, I'm here to introduce a kind of new, kind of old thing as nearly 6 months ago I started something which I believe brought the community closer but now I'm bringing it back after SupaHeeroh took it outta my hands then stopped doing it because the youtube series wasn't...
  3. Krendall

    Help with Roster Split

    I'm setting up my Universe for 2K16 (PC version, which is why there's no prefix) and I need some help on splitting the roster. What I want to do is make the brands RAW and NXT, and I want RAW to contain all the power/brawler/"WWE main event" types while NXT has the athletic/lucha/technical...
  4. LukeTheGreatFTW

    Kayfabe Lad Of Steel: Dawn Of Dropkick

    *After a commercial break a vignette of Lukey is shown. Lukey is seen on top of a giant hill, looking over the night lighting in a city. He begins to speak* Lukey: This has been my dream ever since I got here. I had set out big ambitions and dreams. Just as big as this hill I'm standing on. I...
  5. Aztecwarrior480

    What do you think of the most recent WWE video game, 2K16 so far?

    I just bought it today just to see how it is. I haven't bought a WWE game since Smackdown vs Raw 2007. So far, I thought this game is pretty disappointing in the gameplay factor because it's way too damn slow-paced, aiming for it to be as "realistic" as possible(Yup, soooo "realistic" that all...