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  1. InsaneAlphaBeta

    NEW Universe Mode Reboot Sign Up!

    Welcome back! This is the new thread for those who want to participate in the reboot of WWE 2K18 Universe mode. Here is how it will work. Last time you could have only 1 male and 1 female superstar, but this time things have changed! Here is how it works now. You can have the following. 1...
  2. Skywalker

    OOC Dirtsheet Thread

    Dirtsheet Thread - This is the dirtsheet thread. For the 2K18 league, we decided to make this thread for a few reasons. One, you can report of all the ongoings and speculation about your character and second, it saves people making posts in the backstage thread about reports involving your...
  3. wrestlingtracks

    What we suspect at WWE's summerslam 2017

    we put everything in one episode also we talk about ric flair enjoy
  4. DangerousDancingDan

    Games WWE 2K18's suggestions for Logos and Arenas templates

    Arena's templates ideas: Old WCW Logos: Crowds:
  5. DangerousDancingDan

    Games WWE 2K 18 Roster Wishlist

    Here's my hope for WWE 2K18 Roster for singles wrestlers: Here's the Tag Teams would be awesome: Commentary Teams:
  6. DangerousDancingDan

    Games WWE 2K18 Suggestions for 2K Devs.

    WWE 2K18 Suggestions for 2K Devs. The only thing I want now is for Create a superstar mod with these items in the game: Tights: Gloves: Headgear: Headband over one eye: Hairstyles: Names for Create a superstar mode's caw list:
  7. DangerousDancingDan

    WWE 2K 18 Wishlist.

    I want to see these Wrestlers in the game. I think with all these Legends will be cool.