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  1. RedDwarfTechy

    Fastlane What if AJ Styles DOESN'T retain?

    With the Six Pack Challenge coming up with more time for SmackDown to make it 7,8,9 or 10 Pack Challenge for the championship in the coming weeks. I was wondering, what if the most obvious outcome - AJ retaining to have an epic match at WM doesn't happen. What if someone beats AJ, with a new...
  2. El Curry

    Randy Orton 'Refuses' To Wrestle Bray Wyatt - WWE Book Battle Royal To Determine Number 1 Contender

    Wow this is interesting I was annoyed when Wyatt didn't win the RR since I believed it would be better to have Wyatt win the RR, Orton win at EC then Wyatt has his WM moment, but I guess they didn't do that because they do have greater plans as we see here. My only concern is that Orton is...
  3. ¡Tranquilo!

    Who will beat Punks reign?

    Because you know WWE wants to probably erase all traces of him. My guess is one of the shield guys, Seth Rollins preferably. Or you know, they could keep that title on Styles for 16 months...a man can dream...who y'all think is going to beat Punks reign?
  4. C

    Super Bowl 50 winners to receive custom WWE Championship Triple H

    The Game has a special gift for the Super Bowl 50-winning Denver Broncos. In a champion-to-champions tweet shortly after the culmination of the Big Game, Triple H tweeted at the victorious NFL franchise with the image of a radiant WWE World Heavyweight Title — custom-plated for the Broncos...