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  1. Lackin

    WWE 2K19 Officially Announced

    SOURCE - 'WWE 2K19' Officially Announced For Late 2018 The logo was always gonna look like this, however, the background is very similar to the WWE13 GFX so possible Attitude Era theme?
  2. RedDwarfTechy

    Games A Walk Down Memory Lane (WWE Games)

    So I started playing some old PS2 classics I had, my Ps2 actually works still. That machine has enough resillience to be the ironman of any Royal Rumble! So first up is a personal favourite of mine Smack Down! Here comes the Pain! Just started my season mode, playing Jericho. 2nd Match on...
  3. D

    Create Your Own Pay-Per-View

    Hi all, A mate and myself set up chinlockcity.com this year and this week we launched 'Fantasy PPV' - kind of a game but more for fans to create their own dream matches, dream events and so on. It's still early days and there's bound to be bugs, but we're happy enough with i to launch it (for...
  4. CM Punk

    WWE 2K15 First Official Gameplay Trailer

    Surprised we didn't make one yet. What do you peeps think?