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  1. Joseph86

    WWE Superstars Expected To Leave After WrestleMania 32

    WWE Superstars who are expected to leave after WrestleMania 32 8. Wade Barrett 7. Brie Bell 6. Mark Henry 5. Shane McMahon 4. Chris Jericho 3. Sting 2 Brock Lesnar 1. Undertaker
  2. Joseph86


    SHANE MCMAHON TRAINING FOR WRESTLEMANIA 32 – OMG It looks like Shane McMahon might wrestle for real. He was seen in this video working out in the gym with his trainer
  3. Joseph86

    Shane O Mac's impact - Good or Bad and its impact on WM32

    We are so glad that Shane O Mac is back , but I don't feel the heat with his match vs Taker at WM32 Here’s why this is a bad booking and why Shane O Mac will not win The reports that Taker would be facing someone who was not an active wrestler ended up being spot on, but nobody predicted it...
  4. Solidus

    WWE Raw November 9th 2015 LIVE Discussion

    Join the live discussion in the chat! Click here! LIVE from Manchester, England! 8PM EST. Following Seth Rollins' injury in Dublin, Facebook announced that COO Triple H will be addressing the situation surrounding the WWE World Heavyweight Title at the start of Raw. What did The Game have to...
  5. Solidus

    WWE Raw October 26th 2015 LIVE Discussion

    Live discussion takes place in the chat, click here to join! Live from the Valley View Casino, San Diego, California! Starts 8pm EST At WWE Hell in Cell on the award-winning WWE Network, The Wyatt Family made off with The Undertaker moments after his vicious battle with Brock Lesnar, Alberto...
  6. azad2015

    Take that russev

    What's up friendssss! Today i'm so happy that cena beat russev.. Did you see the smile of cena when he was going back... The one man army... Rise above hate.... Never give up
  7. CM Punk

    SPOILER! Big Angle Planned For Tonight's RAW?

    - We noted a few weeks back that there was talk within WWE of doing a major angle on the first RAW of 2015 to kick-off the WrestleMania 31 season. At last word, there were still plans to do a big angle on tonight's show. There's been no word at all on what that angle could be but for what it's...