1. E.A. Roadster

    Big E (c) v. Drew McIntyre

    A peculiar one this. I'm almost certain McIntyre will be turning heel unless his program with Big E is just a one-off. Granted, WWE might just be booking what the Saudis want to see with no intention of ever giving McIntyre his big moment, in front of fans. Thoughts?
  2. CM Punk

    Dark Side of the Ring: Plane Ride From Hell Discussion Thread

    Discuss the latest episode of Dark Side of the Ring which features one of the most infamous stories from WWE.
  3. E.A. Roadster

    News Nick Khan: "We're doing a complete revamp on NXT, led by Triple H. Look for it in the next few weeks, it's going to have a whole new look"

    New graphics followed my a litany of big meatheads that can't run cutting promos about eggs and testicles, I reckon.
  4. SreenathAG

    Why WWE 2K22 Is Important For WWE

    Over a week ago WWE announced WWE 2k22 for both PlayStation and Xbox Consoles and I'll say this, as a guy who loves Pro wrestling games I am really worried about 2k22 and I have a few good reasons why, the first reason is because of the last two games, after the natural disaster that was 2k20 I...
  5. SreenathAG

    Who Is The Most Popular Wrestler In WWE in 2k22?

    According to you Who is the most popular WWE wrestler in WWE 2k22
  6. D

    The Roast of Hulk Hogan

    Hey guys, I'm one of the hosts over at WrestleRoasts. Mike Lawrence, Robert Karpeles (the man behind WWEcreativeish), Scott Chaplin, Benji Afalo, and Brian Moses will be on our show next week taking a bulldoozer to Hulkamania. Here are some past jokes... - The Hardys are what happens when a...
  7. FlandyOrton

    Who will be the big singing at Revolution

    I just read this: https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2021/02/mark-henry-says-he-plans-on-having-a-match-in-the-next-6-months/ And it really made me think it is Mark. Just sounds like he was pissed about the scooter thing on the same show Big Show was upset about. Also he wants to have some...
  8. gamer2021

    what is the plan of those three ??

  9. prince_lavidine

    TLC 2020

    I hope you all enjoy the show!!!! ❤❤❤ (... I'm really hoping Sasha retains btw..)
  10. Geese

    Rumor WWE wants to sign Jay White

    He's the hottest heel act today and the WWE has taken notice. He had an impressive showing at Wrestle Kingdom 14 and the WWE wants to sign him. https://www.sportskeeda.com/wwe/wwe-rumors-many-superstars-desperate-to-work-with-top-njpw-star-company-could-sign-him
  11. bdgamingproduction

    Has anyone tried WWE new video game?

    I was wondering has anyone tried WWE new video game? If so is that video game pretty cool?
  12. Geese

    News NXT Wrestlers will not receive pay raises despite TV Deal

    Although WWE is getting $30 million a year from the USA Network to air NXT, NXT wrestlers will not receive a pay increase from this TV deal and a majority of their salaries are well below $100,000 per year. David Starr, an indy wrestler and an advocate for wrestlers unionization has said, "I've...
  13. wwewatch.net

    WWE Raw 28th October 2019 Live

    few moments to go wwe raw live...must watch it...
  14. Grubberg


  15. white crow

    News Impact wants to do a show with WWE and AEW

    Impact staff invited the two promotions for Stars Back For One Night Only TNA Event. This could be an awesome show honestly. Still not so sure could WWE find this acceptable. AEW on the other hand, is ofricially okay with it. The Young Bucks accepted the suggestion on social media.
  16. Trash Boat

    The Curious Case of Buddy Murphy (and others)

    This is just a sort of discussion thread I'm opening up to find out other people's opinions on something I've been wondering about for about a year or two now. I'm probably going to get some flack for asking a question like this but does anybody else feel like Buddy Murphy (and a few other...
  17. Geese

    News WWE wanted to buy STARDOM

    Before the women's promotion STARDOM was sold to NJPW, Triple H and WWE officials met with STARDOM officials because the WWE wanted to buy STARDOM. According to Dave Meltzer, "WWE reportedly wanted to use the STARDOM promotion to help build up the women's roster of their planned NXT Japan...
  18. Geese

    News WWE tried to buy NOAH

    WWE tried to buy Japanese NOAH. According to Dave Meltzer, "WWE attempted to buy NOAH and use it as a platform to launch NXT Japan, another branch of the growing NXT brand. However the deal couldn't get done, and while it doesn't kill WWE's hopes of launching a Japan-based promotion it does put...
  19. GangstaSheen

    Hello i'm new here.

    Hi, been watching WWE since january 2005, enjoyed watching Eddie Guerrero and Undertaker, i'm here to share my limited knowledge of wrestling with all of you and to try and have a good time.
  20. white crow

    News Classy statement by WWE refering to AEW

    WWE staff congratulated the sucessful premiere of Khan's promotion with an official statement released after the first 1on1 Wednesday night war: It is always nice to see two rivals being respectful towards each other and hopefully this battle remains being fought in that manner...