1. Larsosc

    WWEF Won the Forum Wars, Who Knew

    Hi, folks. Your favorite Scandi bringing the banter to the xenforo(?) format. TWF is dead as we all know and its demise concluded an intense chapter of two forums stink-eyeing each other. As a permanent skidmark to the memory of TWF, I'll be commemorating this by posting a selection of quotes...
  2. CM Punk

    Happy 3 Year Anniversary to WWEFORUMS

    CM Punk: Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters... Today we celebrate the third birthday of WWEForums! I wanna keep this short and sweet and our admin, Solidus will give his thoughts on the forum in a while. Now I know the people in charge might have changed, the layout might have changed...
  3. R

    Games WWEF Game League

    The WWEF game league is very simple, no Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or whatever Nintendo has for online is needed. We have 4 different categories (Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and PC) Each platform is given a game and a free-to-play game for those who don't have the game listed, if you don't have...