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    What's your favorite part of WWEF?

    Where do you lurk most often on WWEF? This can be a section, or any page. I pretty much sit here all day -> http://wweforums.net/recent-activity/ #notaspy :bodallas:
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    End of Year Awards 2014

    It's that time of year again. Forum anniversary and the yearly awards to go with it. Crayo started this last year and I'm continuing this every year from now on. You must have 50 posts to submit your nominations, and these can only be submitted ONCE. Please use EXACT usernames or links to...
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    The background suggestion thread

    If you didn't know, you can change the background here. The variety isn't exactly great, so you can suggest new backgrounds in here. Wrestling related, 1920x1080 or larger size, no huge watermarks, any promotion. You can rate other posts as "Agree", I'll add highly requested backgrounds.