1. WrestleRacer91

    What If? - Austin Never Turned Heel at Mania X-7

    Continuing my What If? Series (which I'm thinking of changing the name of. If you have a good name for it, let me know.), What if Stone Cold Steve Austin never turned heel on The Rock at WrestleMania X-7 and aligned himself with Mr. McMahon? How would 2001 have played out? Would the Invasion...
  2. WrestleRacer91

    What If? - The Screwjob Never Happened

    As I have posted on my profile in the past. Just imagine if the Montreal Screwjob never happened back in 1997. What would the company or wrestling in general be like? Sound off below on what you think would have happened.
  3. Grubberg

    WCW Logo Request/WWF Requests.

    I heard that Vince McMahon wanted something different than want we got with the Invasion angle. I got some names that Vince McMahon came up with for the new WCW Show. WCW would took over Smackdown spot. Here are the names of the WCW Show: WCW Saturday Night Nitro WCW Hot Box WCW Uprising...
  4. Wrasslemaniac

    "The Guy" - Help needed

    Hey folks, Back again looking for some thoughts and comments for a bonus episode of my podcast i will hopefully record this week. The episode is spinning off from my episode of "you call it" where i was asked to look at a debuting John Cena and provide my thoughts on green cena vs cenation...
  5. Jon

    Can you think of HORRIBLE WWE Gimmicks

    So one gimmick that would be horrible would be someone going out into the ring and steal someonesn gimmick (Not Dolph Ziggler) like if it is SOMEONE Vs AJ Styles then USER would come out with his entrance use his moves and moveset and basically be like them kinda like Ditto from Pokemon
  6. Wrasslemaniac

    WrestleMania Looking for your thoughts on Wrestlemania 3

    Hey folks, As before with Wrestlemania 2, I'm looking for contributions/thoughts/opinions etc ahead of the next installment of the Wrasslemania Podcast. This episode will be looking at Wrestlemania 3 from the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit What are your memories of Wrestlemania 3 (did...
  7. wrestlingtracks

    Former WWE superstar talks this weeks RAW

    So we had Once again short sleeve samson back on the show many know him as mini undertaker and in tna so we had him on the show and we talked on raw and a little in his career in wwe and other wrestling company's
  8. The Phenom

    What is your Dream Match?

    Hulk Hogan vs John Cena. Hulkamania vs Cenation. The Undertaker vs Sting. The Phenom vs The Icon. Dolph Ziggler vs Shawn Michaels. The Show-Off vs The Showstopper. We always dream about the WWE matches that never came to be. We spend our free time thinking about matches that could never happen...
  9. The Phenom

    REMEMBER THIS................?

    I wanted to make an original thread where we can relive old events, matches, segments, and promos that you may have or may have not seen in the past. I personally will upload 2 videos each week on Monday and Thursday to be viewed and commented on.(Occasional bonus videos) Feel free to upload any...
  10. Wwe Entertainment

    From My Stand Point These 10 Wrestlers Is The Best Of All Time

  11. Joseph86

    13 Wrestlers WWE Tried To Push To The Top But Failed

    13 Wrestlers WWE Tried To Push To The Top But Failed
  12. Joseph86


  13. Joseph86

    Unselfish WWE Wrestlers

    Guys, Who do you think are the most Unselfish WWE Wrestlers since the pre attitude era. I can think of Taker Anybody else
  14. JONES

    WWF- Post Attitude Era 2002

    WWF- POST ATTITUDE ERA 2002 Backstory- The Invasion angle failed miserably, it's hard to argue any new stars were made except Rob Van Dam and a whole load of top stars saw their popularity slowly decrease as the angle went on including Steve Austin, DDP and Booker T. Following the flop of the...
  15. Farooq

    Other Punk guy reviews NES WWF games

    No not CM Punk :4/10: