Promos Taigaman Arrives...

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  1. Taigamans music plays as fans pop for what is expected to be his debut, the crowd starts chanting "Taigamans gonna kill you" before the the chants fade away as Taigaman is shown onthe stage, where fans pop again, Taigaman walks to the ring static as he looks both ways, he gets in the ring....

    >TM: "私は自分自身を紹介しましょう、私はタイガーマンです"
    >TM: "Oh sorry, i'll translate, let me introduce myself, I am Taigaman...

    Crowd pops.

    >TM: "I have finally arrived and after only being here a matter of days, I can safely say I am here to stay."

    Crowd pops yet again.

    >TM: "There are a few things I disagree with, the people on the roster, people here seem to be cocky, arrogant, selfish, and I don't like that, after travelling the world working in Japan to Mexico, Mexico to Britain, I have never seen anything quite like it, while my English isn't the best, I have a few choice words."

    >TM: "Everyone on the roster are, let me put it this way, lost. Lost as in they don't know who they are, where their role is and what their role is."

    >TM: "From Aids Johnson to Dylan Gray to I Got Beat By Ryan Davis, these are just examples of main event players, midcarders and jobbers, but what do they have in common ? They can't beat me."

    Mixed reaction from the crowd.

    >TM: "I call people here 絶望的な, look it up yourself."
    >TM: "This isn't the place for giants, this isn't the place for wannabes, when there's a Tiger roaming, there is only one guaranteed outcome: "
    >TM: "虎が勝者であります"
    >TM: "The tiger..... is the winner."
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  2. [Savat is seen backstage preparing for his next Vice match when he checks the monitor and sees Taigaman set foot in the ring, Savat pushes past workers as he gets a camera crew to start rolling]

    >Savat: Hey Taigaman. Up here.

    [The crowd boo's Savat for once again stealing a IWT superstars limelight]

    >Savat: Can you understand me over these people right now? I know you don't speak good English but it will have to do because my Japanese sucks. Taigaman I have heard a lot about you. Unlike these Aids Johnson's and Dylan Gray's, you are a genuine name. I didn't want to be rude and interrupt you, but I feel from a true wrestler to another I should give you the warm welcome someone of your status deserves. I respect you and the career you have. In fact I was quite anxious to see you arrive, so much so I couldn't wait until we met in the locker room. I had to get your attention now. I can't wait to hopefully soon have a match against you, but there is one thing you slipped up on.

    You say everyone on this roster is lost? Well my new friend. I am not lost. I am on the path of becoming a legend. See you must fail to realize that I too come from Japan, Britain and the United States. I too can see the cancer that is this locker room. But I will tell you this now Taigaman. And I will say it sternly. I am not one of those people. I am a wrestler. I am a warrior. I don't sit there and wait for things to blow over. I fight to fix them. Now it seems as if I am going to get into a lot of fights because quite frankly I am a hot head. I get very angry when people abuse and torture my art of wrestling. I can't sit there and listen I have to challenge it, I have to fix it. You still following me pal?

    [Another Taigaman's gonna kill you chant rolls over as Savat mocks the stars poor English]

    >Savat: It's cute. You might have a big following from what you have done in the past. But this is the present. You are not in Japan. You are not in Britain. You are not just in the United States. You are in IWT. IWT is mine. Your following is impressive but can it hang against my world class skill? Now I respect me coming out here was awfully rude. And as I mentioned. I mean no disrespect. I was taught to treat others as they treat you. So stop disrespecting me and my company. And I won't have to do this again.

    Oh and by the way. Prove to me that you are unbeatable. Then I will take you down. Sayōnara

    [Savat walks away from the camera with a smirk on his face]