Promos Taigaman: Through the journey.

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  1. Taigamans music plays to the crowds enjoyment as they see Japans greatest export head out to the ring in his signature robe. He gets in the ring before looking around the arena with a straight face.

    >TM: "申し訳ありませんが、私はあなたに長いを維持する必要はありません"
    >TM: "Oh sorry, I keep forgetting i'm not in Japan."

    >TM: "Enough with the humor, i'm going to keep it short and simple."

    >TM: "Through a dozen seas and a thousand miles, I have travelled to my journeys end, I am here to stay, be better than ever, winning titles is on my agenda and through this new journey I embark on, I seek glory and gratitude, my family well and my fortunes earnt.... but until then...."

    >TM: "私は消えてしまいます"

    The arena goes black as a loud screech is heard coming out the loud speakers.
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  2. Am I the only one that's pretty hyped for this?
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  3. ur his brother ffs :boss:
  4. Not to say I don't give him shit most the time, we choose to keep family away from here.