Storyline Take your Briefcase and shove it!

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  1. *B.Dazzle is seen sitting on the floor of his locker-room. His things are a mess, and his face is red with anger. B.Dazzle looks to the camera.*

    Dazzle: People all over the internet have been asking B.Dazzle how it feels to Gav. They keep on asking how it feels?! You want to know how it feels? It feels like somebody drove ten swords into B.Dazzle's chest, that's what it feels like. That was the most important match in B.Dazzle's career, the most important match in my career, and I blew it! I BLEW IT! All B.Dazzle had to do was finish Gav off, but he got cocky! I GOT COCKY! B.Dazzle should be standing here the true IWT World Champion, because he was gonna cash his briefcase in as soon as the main event was over, but here he stands with nothing. No titles, no briefcase, nothing but a disgusting taste in his mouth and a couple of angry tweets from a few virgins in the IWT universe.

    *B.Dazzle picks up his phone and starts going through. He grins a little, before throwing the phone at the wall, breaking the phone.*

    Dazzle: This is the absolute worst week of B.Dazzle's life! Losing the I.C title hurt, but B.Dazzle got over it. Losing the Rumble hurt, but B.Dazzle got over it. Losing the tag team titles almost broke B.Dazzle, but he got over it! Losing the Mitb Briefcase is a whole different story. That was B.Dazzle's highest accomplishment to date, and he let it go after just a month with it, and even worse, he lost it to that retarded, piece of nothing Gav the Chav! Gav, B.Dazzle is going to leave you alone for now, but mark his words! He's not done with you yet! Not done with you by a long shot! B.Dazzle is going to do what he promised eventually. B.Dazzle is going to take your career away, you can believe that! But for now, enjoy yourself. Enjoy being at the top, because B.Dazzle knows that when you cash in that briefcase, the mountain you're on is going to crash as you lose your title match! When B.Dazzle is ready for you again, things are going to be different! When B.Dazzle is ready to face you one last, he's going to make sure you never once step in an IWT ring again!
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  2. OOC: Cracking promo lad, was a good read, but you could do with changing your sig now. :)
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  3. I guess I should.
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