Taker back to full schedule? (Spoilers)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Star Lord, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Undertaker seems to be back on a full schedule, He appeared at a live event as his return and then made regular apperances till mania and then had a match at mania and had a match this past RAW and now a pic from this weeks Smackdown tapings

    Is Taker back full time or at least temp full time?​
  2. If Taker appears like 5 times on SD! maybe the ratings can go up a bit, SD! really needs people to watch
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  3. I don't think so. He is super over in Europe and probably wants one "last ride" over there before he calls it quits at WM XXX.
  4. Nope, he's just working an angle with The Shield, and his role even then looks like a small one overall. He realizes his time is almost up, so he probably figures his body can take two or three more extra dates than the usual bare minimum dates he's worked the last couple of years. It doesn't hurt to use that time to help rub against guys who are one of the hottest things in WWE today and who everyone acknowledges are three people on the road to stardom.
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  5. He's 48, I wouldn't go back full time if I was him.
  6. Doubt if he will be coming back full time. I would possibly say it was a lead up towards him leaving.
  7. Nah. Just temporary. He'll take a long break after his brief inclusion with The Shield for his last match at Wrestlemania 30, which will most likely be against Cena.
  8. As KLockard said, awesome that a part timer's going out of his way to make sure stars are made before he goes. Thank you, Taker. Thank you for doing what so many others either won't do or aren't allowed to do.

    But hey, Taker's had to deal with enough crap over his career, he even worked a long feud with Heidenreich iirc. Whoever you stuck him with he tried to get the most out of, will always respect the Deadman for that alone.
  9. Personally I respect Undertaker a whole lot more for doing this. He does not have to do this at all, he has nothing to prove. He's a legend in WWE, and respected by many people, wrestlers and fans a like. Instead of going away, or even using this time to get a title run or beat young stars, he's going out of his way to help them. He may beat them once, but it's going to be a heel of a match in which the young star will still look good and get over with the fans. I can see Taker being here for a month or maybe even two longer before going away for next year. Always makes me sad to see Taker go, but it makes me happy to see him in matches with Shield, and Daniel Bryan involved then him with HHH, Lesnar, or any other old talent.
  10. i hope he is coming back (full schedule)
  11. I don't think he's going to come back to a full schedule, maybe he had two matches and that's all, I think he'll make sporadic appearances and then compete at WM
  12. Highly doubt it.
  13. I saw it as Takers farewell to us in the UK and the euro crowd tbh. His last ever matches whilst he could probs why the entire year off virtually before WM instead of coming back a bit earlier like usual.
  14. Does sound quite likely.