Storyline Takin' back IWT with YG

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  1. Farooq drives into the IWT arean via driver with a lowrider. On the back him and the rap artist YG are standing up. "If I'm gonna wrestle it's with my mutha fuckin' niggas! If I'm gonna fight Imma keep my finger on the trigga! My nigga! My nigga!" YG raps with a high five given by Farooq. Farooq gets off the car as YG and his driver remain in the car. He gets into the ring, the crowd dancing to the most inspirational song of all time. Farooq grabs a microphone, looking out to the rest of the people.

    "IWT dyin', lyin' on the ground. Layin' on the floor, the circle forms around. Flames growing sky high, not because they die. It's because I'm spittin' fire, watch the inferno rise higher. All the ones you love, all the ones you hate, bow down to me, because they ain't so great. After I finish with the fight, your mom and me sippin' on Miller Light. Takin' her out for Mother's Day, even if it's the second half of May. She wants something wild, not your dad's short and mild. On her hands and knees breakin' the bed, thinkin' your daddy is better off dead. Because after she gets enough of my rod, she'll look up to me like I'm a Greek God. IWT is being brought up, tell all your homies was'up. No more of the weak, and I drop down the meek. For now I will become the master, my climb to gold will become faster. No one can stop my path, get in my way and feel my wrath!" He says, the crowd gasping as YG applauds. "IWT better run and hide, because Farooq is comin' for you!"
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