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  1. Show off you're ink!

    If you have a tattoo idea, also, post here. Anything tattoo related is welcome!

    Here's Mine:




    I don't go over board with mine. I kept it simple. I drew all of them and had them inked on me. I plan on getting at least two more, both with only black ink. One is going to be a wedding band (my hubby is getting one too! His idea!) and some scripture on my arm. The above is my wrists and my neck.
  2. I'm halfway in the door with tattoos, I've thought about getting them before, but I also really don't want something permanent like that on my skin, plus when you age they tend to look worse and worse, so I have just decided not to get tattoos necessarily because of that. Of course the firs one I thought of getting was Appetite For Destruction logo, but upon seeing Axl's Appetite For Destruction tattoo and how it looks pretty bad, that one is a no no. The only one I'm on the fence about getting is barbed wire around the arms, and maybe legs. As for other people getting tattoos, that's their thing, it doesn't bother me at all, and it looks interesting to me.
  3. That's why I stick to black ink and only get them on certain places on my body so as I age, gain/lose weight, they aren't effected nearly as bad.
  4. Don't think I'll ever get a tattoo. Don't know why, I just think they're irrelevant.
  5. Obama approves. :obama: