Team 3D Inducted Into TNA Hall of Fame; Turn Their Attention To Bound For Glory Matchup

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    One day before Bound For Glory, Team 3D were inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. The most decorated tag team in history accepted the honors in-front of a huge crowd in Tokyo. Now, they turn their focus to their next matchup at TNA's biggest Pay-Per-View event of the year. For Team 3D, the stakes couldn't be higher. Obviously, the team would love to celebrate their Hall of Fame induction with a big win but, also, it is worth noting that Team 3D has never lost a match inside the country of Japan.

    However, Tommy Dreamer and Abyss would love to crash the party in epic fasion. What better way to do so than by picking up a win over the newly-christened Hall of Famers. Take into account that both men, Dreamer especially, have a long and storied past with Team 3D make this a battle for the ages - and one that you can only see this Sunday on Pay-Per-View!

    Celebrate the legacy of Team 3D with us and then watch them in-action at Bound For Glory! What better way to spend your Sunday than hearing one of the most feared sentences in professional wrestling: "Devon... GET THE TABLES!!!"

    Oh my brothers, testify!

    Check out the full Bound For Glory card and details here!



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