Team Dome meeting

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. /me was thinking With @[Farooq] leaving soon I need a way to keep the group hot, at this point @[Vince McMahon] and @[Farooq] and the diva are the only draw in Team Dome. So The Rock needs to keep this group hot and keep it a draw. Maybe change the name from NATION OF DOMINATION. Discuss Team Dome. @[Ariana Grande] @[wwerulesrkolover23] @[Daniel Bryan!] @[kanenite95]
  2. I'm still gonna be apart of this dude
  3. /me thought you were leaving to create Metallica/Guns N' Roses.
  4. The Rock*effelers
  5. You can be in more than one group, also keep all your crew discussion in the Locker room our kid.
  6. /me didn't know that. And tell me you did not just say that. :booker:
  7. It's a good thing to be here. But, who is this "diva" you're speaking off? I mean, the hell I know I'm the only draw diva in ths WF!

    OK guys I think the name's cool, but we need to assert to this guys that we're the best
  8. The Diva is ariana grande.
  9. Off topic: Rock how do i remove rep i gave?
  10. I said it sorry, also you can join as many groups as you want yeah. It's like Superstar / Legend basically.
  11. Go to the rep of a person, then go to where you repped them and by it it says "remove rep"
  12. Could be a legend feature, I'm not sure tbh.
  13. Bitch please! I'm good looking than her, knowledgeable than her, and more of a draw than her. Everyone knows that! :bury:
  14. Isn't Ariana a dude?
  15. You may know her as SantinoUS. Now Santina Marella.

    Such an epic troll. :haha:
  16. That ass! Drag divas, really? :[[
  17. *le real Ariana :gusta:
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  18. You need to recruit a big name on this forum to add value to your group. (I'm loyal to team showoff.)
  19. /me asks what kind of big names? Like @[JoeRulz]
  20. Anyone that's likeable, friendly and contributive. Preferably someone that you feel that is a great user on this forum. It also depends whether the user wants to join and whether your willing to accept his request.
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