News Team TNA Confirmed For AAA World Cup

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  2. Curious that they just chose to confirm Matt Hardy before the other 2. Anyway, let's see who the other two are.
  3. Team Mexico 1 is former WWE members; ADR, Rey Mysterio and the original Sin Cara.
    Curious to see what the rest of Team TNA will look like, I'm hoping for Aries.
  4. Aries, Roode and Galloway (or either Lashley/Spud/Angle) would definitely float my boat.
  5. I'm also interested in seeing what Team ROH will look like.. I'm thinking AJ Styles, ACH & Joe? Maybe KRD or Jay Briscoe, Jay Lethal and AJ Styles. Soo many members they could throw out there.
  6. I don't think AJ is going, and no one's really sure whether Joe is gone or not, so I wouldn't expect those two. ACH, Cedric, Sydal or something like that would be my pick.
  7. I was so excited for the concept of this, and then Matt Hardy happened.
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  8. But you gotta be excited for El Hermano del Jeff in AAA.
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  9. inb4 AAA takes over TNA angle