Temp-to-Perm General Managers: Who makes the grade?

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  1. Temp-to-Perm General Managers: Who makes the grade?


    With the momentous Raw 1,000 right around the corner, the WWE Universe is braced for one of the most exciting Monday nights in history. As that landmark episode draws near, though, so does the promise of a monumental change in leadership that may forever alter the landscape of WWE, too. After months of a revolving door of Interim General Managers, a Permanent GM will finally be chosen Monday night.

    Questions and speculation as to who might fill the vacant shoes of the previous GM abound, and WWE.com couldn’t help but wonder if a former Interim General Manager might have the best chance to permanently take hold of the reins. With that in mind, we take a look back at the five Interim General Managers and give each a grade for his or her performance.

    So, who made the grade and has what it takes to be the full-time GM? Find out now!

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  2. William Regal should be a GM
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