Storyline "Ten.. Nine... Eight"

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  1. Candles a lite around a dark room, rusty pipes clanking, foot steps being heard, the camera follow suits with the candles on the cold cement flooring that leads a path up to some hanging pipes to which a shadow is sat in between two railings. Lighting a cigarette lighter a skull masked face appears as he then lights two candles next to him before sliding down off the two railings he was sat upon. Removing the mask in a fast motion his fringe falls down as he then shouts


    "Heh... You know..."

    Aiden Begins to stroke the camera lenses slowly with his thumb and index finger, with a smile growing upon the face of Aiden .

    "... I'm feeling sort of inspired this evening, the sound of bodies thumping on the mat as the victors stand over their deranged body somehow makes me happy, it fills the void that's in my body. it completes the craving that I have. However I am still not one hundred percent satisfied... you see my dear good friend Vickie, she has now... made it some what of a mission to destroy me mentally..."

    "And... I've come to the realization that, you can't destroy what's already broken... So why should I sit here and allow myself to be victimized again? You see my target isn't directed towards you, Vickie and you will soon come to see that I am fearless and when you're in this war with me you will realize that before you can open your mouth that Aiden Ryan has left you speechless because no one... can do it like I can. "

    "I don't play bitch games, But try it and see how far it gets you..."

    "You might want to start getting those who you are turning against me to protect you now.. because otherwise..."


    Aiden Is Standing Over Trevor Raynor As Victor.


    Aiden Ryan And Harriet Vargas Are shown staring eachother down backstage at IWTmania 2.


    Aiden Ryan is shown standing over Reagan Cole victorious, with metal bat pointed up to the sky, sweat and blood pouring down him.


    Aiden Ryan is shown being saved by The Order Of The Night.


    Aiden Ryan Is Sown staring into the mirror, saying "Hello Parker."


    Aiden Ryan's palm is raised to the camera.


    One Finger is taken down.


    Another Finger Drops


    His Skull mask is shown laying on the cold cement flooring.


    The Screen goes blank.


    Aiden Ryan's laughter is heard echoing throughout the arena, as the audience remains silent and listens to the breathing and the sighs as the sound then fades to nothing but the audience chatting amongest themselves.

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    Looking to bring someone into this, Let me know if you are interested in this storyline and doing a short feud.

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  2. I feel Honored to be Eight