Other Terry Funk in poor health

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  1. Stay safe Terry. Health first you crazy old man.

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  2. Such a majestic old bastard. Here's hoping he's got a few years left.


  3. Dude was crazy yo!
  4. Love Terry. He's arguably one of the most dynamic and long lasting stars in the business. Considering all that he's done.

    Scrappy young babyface
    Tag team specialist both in America and in Japan
    NWA World Champion
    A top babyface in a Japanese promotion as a foreigner
    Southern wrestling legend
    Hardcore innovator
    WWF comedy/sports entertainer both in the 80s and 90s.

    Terry is one talented dude.
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  5. That sucks to hear. Hope all ends well for him.
  6. I hope the Funker is going to be okay... yeah he's getting up there in the years but he's the kind of guy you definitely want to stick around in life for as long as possible.
  7. WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk was originally scheduled to serve as Tommy Dreamer's corner man last night at the House of Hardcore event at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, Terry was feeling dizzy from what are being described as serious health issues and was forced to leave early.

    Funk was instructed by doctors to not get in the ring, but the former NWA Champion ignored their warnings and stepped inside the squared-circle to cut a promo. PWInsider is reporting that Funk told fans that he was afraid to leave the building, because if he did, he knew he'd never be back.

    You can view fan video from the segment with Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk below:

  8. He has been in bad health since the late 90's.

    Hate to say it but he kind of brought a lot of it on himself as well ignoring the doctors.
  9. Turns out he's fine. He was coming off hernia surgery and had had a very hectic weekend up until that point, that's why he wasn't looking great, but he's OK now.