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    The thread to discuss all your general adventures/mishaps in any booking simulator game including but not limited to Total Extreme Wrestling and Extreme Warfare Revenge. I made one of these on TWF and it was very popular so fuck it why not here too? I know this place had one a while ago but it was made by some loser jabroni and no one replied to it anyways so I, as a cool kid, have made this one in it's place. I swear to God mods, if you remove this thread I will eat your ass!

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  2. I have discovered a new love. Booking 2005 Ring of Honor. Honestly, it's the most fun I've had at booking a promotion in the many hours I've spent in TEW previously. I thought things were gonna be grim when CM Punk was injured with a Spinal problem that has him on the shelf for over a year, but with guys like Joe, AJ, Christopher Daniels, Daniel Bryan, CIMA, BxB Hulk, Roderick Strong and Dragon Kid, who the fuck needs Walking Dead Enthusiast Phillip Brooks?
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  3. We all have our personal favourite companies/products to book with. For example no matter how much I try I can not get invested into American companies like I have my custom Japanese Puro company. There is something special about building up this roster of mega athletes to put on the greatest matches of all-time. For reference this is the same company that was in my ELITE BTB (now RJPW) and getting those 60s and low 70s. Once you get attached to a roster, it's genuinely harder to book because you want to keep every guy happy and on the same level.

  4. Currently the booker of EVOLVE in TEW2013 using a 2016 database. I haven't played in a while but I think I'm only a couple months into it. Current champs are Drew Gulak & Tracy Williams as tag team champs and ZSJ as world champ. Fun game even though I suck at it.