TGMI's last stand

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Trip in the Head, Jun 12, 2014.

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What should we do with TGMI?

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  1. Ban Hammer

  2. Limit him (again)

  3. Leave him be

  1. Ok guys. There has been a lot of talking and complaining about TGMI's posts and his overall attitude on here. The stuff with him D'Z and Nero specifically. This came down from the admin level. What we will do with him is now up to the community it seems. I will include a "limited" option in the poll as well. But vote honestly please, not just because everyone else is voting a certain way.

    @Tgmiveld - tagged you so you know whats up lad
  2. His banters with the aforementioned make me lol. Repetitive but still funny, tends to keep everything short and sweet, while everyone else is all butthurt. I say leave him be, limit him at most. I support Mr. TGMI.
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  3. He needs to be gone... he contributes nothing at all to the forum but to make every thread he posts in go off-topic.

    He's already been limited twice... most forums have a 3 strike and you're out rule.. should be the same here.

    I vote Ban Hammer.
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  4. Kevin pretty much summed it all up.
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  5. Just ignore list the dude and he won't be a problem.
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  6. Except to all the guests/potential new members who visit the site who can't ignore him... would you join this forum if you saw his posts and people's responses to them?
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  7. A few members should take half the blame for that too then..
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  8. I agree.. and I have responded to his posts a few times too.. but without his posts there are no logs to set fire to.

    But right now the focus of this thread is him and his fate.. if he doesn't get banned now then we'll see what happens when the trolls start joining the forum because they see what they can get away with. We've already had 2 banned in the last week because they thought they could follow by example.
  9. whatever happened to freedom of speech lads

    just because I do not follow the zeigheist
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  10. People egg him on. I don't take anything he say seriously and when he is being douchey I ignore him. I don't get what is so hard about that. People can just put him on their ignore list. He doesn't seem to go out of his way to start anything, he just says one thing and everyone flips out like abuncha wankers. Ignore the dude. Easy peasy. If he offends you, report the post.
  11. Much worse gimmick than Gohan.
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  12. As an admin you should know that guests have no ignore feature... is he truly what we want representing this forum? I mean seriously.. isn't one of the goals of this forum to obtain more members? I love this place and want to see it grow and he is a hindrance to that growth.
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  14. Have you been on other wrestling forums? One guy acting that way does not make a ton of people leave. I have been on NUMEROUS forums where people, including the admins, were complete dicks and they had tons of members as well as daily activity. As for guests, I can bet any money they shoot right past his posts. Most of his crap is in the locker room. If he posted like this way more in the actual wrestling section, I can understand that but guest will likely come here for the wrassling. Not the locker room.

    Not everyone is going to like everyone. And every forum has its wack jobs *raises hand*
  15. TGMI is obnoxious, but a funny obnoxious. Limit at most
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  16. He's banned on every other forum because they understand what I am trying to explain.
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  17. only banned off one lad

    anything else
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  18. I was just giving my two-cents. It is up to the members to decide this one. So have at it! :angry: :mad2:




    I'll stawp. :okay:
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  20. ASHLEY THIS BOLD SHIT! I WAS PROMERSED I HAS POWER AN NO ONCE RESPEKT ME!! AND... I am stopping there before I make this thread go horribly off topic.