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  1. Was I the only one who thought it was a bad, borderline awful segment?

    Why did Stephanie have to be involved in that segment at all? Her presence killed it in my opinion. Why did mommy have to fix things? She came out, buried the heel champion, made the lead babyface look like a geek, lead the new girls out and assigned teams? It kinda neuters the entire point of the story. Imagine if Stone Cold was brought out on his first night by Vince. "This here is Stone Cold Steve Austin, and he's going to be playing with you, Bret".

    That segment would have gone over much better had Stephanie not been involved, it would have been much more natural. As it looks right now from my perspective, none of those girls are going to be booked to get over. In two months we are most likely going to be back at square one with the women.

    Not to mention that Steph coming out and touting how great the women are rather than just letting them be great just screams of "Look at us! Our girls are empowering too!".

    I can't be the only one who thought this?
  2. The beginning could've been better, yeah. I get it that Steph is in charge of the diva's division in the back, but it didn't make any sense for her to be the one to introduce them. First off, she's still widely known as a heel and the co-leader of The Authority on screen. Second of all, she was the one who has backed Nikki on the show a while ago. Why would she try to belittle her?

    Paige should've been the one to announce Becky, and Charlotte as her new "team members". Then Naomi and Tamina should've came out and announce Sasha to be their third person. It just would've felt like a more natural execution. The end result were Charlotte, Becky, and Sasha doing their submissions was good though.
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  3. It really wasn't that great. I don't want to see any of the NXT girls booked badly, which on the main roster is inevitable.
  4. Stephanie > Paige. It would have made sense to have Paige introduce the women herself, but Stephanie is one of the most prominent characters on the show and her being involved automatically makes the whole thing feel more important. Besides, I've often complained about how Stephanie never likes putting herself in storylines or even in mere segments with the Divas since The Authority apparently only like involving themselves in main event angles, so I was glad to see she was willing to do so here. Of course, it was partially just so she could spout her "women empowerment" shtick, but still.
  5. Besides Steph (who is a heel boss and should usually side with heels) introducing the girls, I liked that segment.

    I'm just hoping in two-three months' time I won't be looking back at the debuts of Charlotte, Sasha and Becky and just cringing at how badly they've been booked since then.
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  6. Seriously, how many NXT people have been successful on the main roster? Let alone women.
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  7. Not a lot. They've got talented divas, it's just that their booking is atrocious.

    It's like, you've just been called up to the main roster, the suits SHOULD have faith in you and should let you shine, hence why you've got the call.

    If they don't, then why bother dragging someone from NXT?

    It's not rocket science, or perhaps it is for them.
  8. The scripting on Total Divas is better than the booking for the Divas. Let those guys do the booking, it would probably be ten times better.
  9. I agree with you to some degree. I think it would be better if paige just introduced charlotte and Becky, and then was interrupted by Sasha Banks and company, or whatever makes the divas seem independent.

    Overrall I marked at sasha and charlotte all the same
  10. That was kinda off, but considering the state of the divas division and how hot the crowd was and all it was a win.
  11. Other than Stephanie's outfit, I thoroughly enjoyed it. If I didn't like Stephanie much, I would have disliked it very much. :mask: I was personally happy for the girls. I'm sure they were positively elated to be in that situation. The crowd was gorgeous and it was during RAW where everybody is watching them. That moment may remain with them forever and I believe that was Stephanie's intent. I'm possibly wrong and being too positive about the situation
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  12. The Shield were booked pretty flawlessly from their debut to the time of their breakup. Not so much afterwards, of course...
  13. Stephanie on RAW? Aid likey.
  14. I think I was too excited that they were finally getting around to it to care about how they did it. Now I'm nervous about them screwing it up...
  15. This is pretty much how I felt. I think all three are more then ready ring-wise to be up on the main roster, but any reservations I have are due to Creative Control. Will Sasha be allowed to be "The BOSS"? Is Charlotte just going to be a stuck up little privilidged brat? Will some idiot have Becky doing a RiverDance at any point? I don't really trust the WWE story writers. If it wasn't for the fact that I am addicted to watching wrestling...

    I did like the segment though. Plenty of fun, even with Stephanie coming out there like that. Could be useful if after disposing of the Bellas, Paige and the other girls turn their sights on fixing the problem that is Stephanie McMahon. Up the Diva drama to include the Authority. Might as well make it interesting.
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  16. First of all, the lead babyface is a geek and Stephanie was only involved to introduce the 3 NXT woman, since it had Becky, Charlotte and Sasha all involved with different factions, it made sense for the authority figure to be out there to keep everything organized so to speak. It will only be a problem if Stephanie continues to be part of this storyline going forward, i doubt she will be.

    This storyline will last a few months and most of those divas will take a backseat and 2 or 3 woman will be running the show, like it's always been. WWE has proven they don't know how to book the divas or they don't care enough.. Same thing happened last year with 2 major stories happening with the divas and then they became irrelevant again, and the whole give divas a chance thing started because the divas were being booked so poorly after a good run.
  17. Very strange segment indeed..if I were 30-40 years younger, I might have enjoyed it...Wait...then those Divas wouldn't have been there..Oh well. Never Mind :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. I may be wrong but its possible just being on TV every week along with Total Divas is really what the girls dreamed of. I don't know what many of you are hoping for, but being on WWE television is a dream come true in itself I think. I'm sure they are paid well and get massive amounts of work on their face and such. This whole thing could be over in a flash and I hope they are simply enjoying it for themselves.
  19. They may enjoy being part of a poorly booked irrelevant decision, but I think the biggest problem is that no fan really enjoys watching it much.