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  1. As promised by me, I take offense on what the WWE did to Paul Bearer's memory. Fuck CM Punk, Fuck The Undertaker, Fuck Vince McMahon (who cares about no one but his fucking money), Fuck Triple H, basically FUCK THE WWE.

    I am annoyed how everyone defend this with the stupid line: "Paul Bearer would want it that way". Fuck you. How about you ask his family if they wanted it that way? Oh, I know, Vince McMahon doesn't care about what Paul's family think.

    I am officially now done with the WWE. They stooped to such a low level, that they can as well change their TV rating back to TV-13, and stop messing with the audience.

    Let's teach kids to disrespect the dead, while we are at it.
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    That explains how this thread is completely wrong. This is professional wrestling. You call out for edgy srtorylines but then get offended by storylines that everyone around the unfortunate deceased legend doesn't mind? You have no right to feel offended if they don't; this doesn't effect you at all. It makes the storyline so much better, and it's the sort of edginess everyone cries out for. If you don't like it, then don't ask for any edginess stories ever again or bring up the AE at all.
  3. I called out an edgier storyline, but this is not edgy. This is disrespecting the dead. And learn to see the difference. Fuck the storyline. If the storyline is what important, let's have pedophile character in the WWE, while we can. That would be edgy as fuck right?
  4. If disrespecting someone who has recently died isn't edgy, then I don't know what the fuck is. He didn't mock him directly either, he simply interrupted Taker during the remembrance which was like 7 minutes long. He then said Paul will remember Undertaker as perfect with his 20-0 streak, but the rest of the world will know him for 20-1. That's not disrespecting Paul. I can't believe you have a problem with this.
  5. Hahaha you really are a fucking cock arnt you LOL
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  7. Keep it civil. It's a good debate to have because you're not the only one against this storyline.
  8. Furthermore, WWE have paid respects multiple times last night to Paul. Here's another picture of after RAW:

  9. Their tributes are overshadowed by the way they disrespected his death.
  10. Answer this then please.
  11. Still disrespectful as hell. Another poor attempt at 'cheap heat', because the writers obviously can't come up with their own ways to get CM Punk some heat. They use incidents in real-life just to gain that. First it was the incident with Jerry Lawler's heart attack, than they went on with CM Punk saying something about William Moody's death, totally disrespecting it, just so he can gain yet again 'cheap heat'.

    "Punk joked about Taker's loss and claimed that he came out to wish Undertaker his condolences for Taker's upcoming loss at WM 29. Punk also declared that only Paul Bearer would remember The Undertaker as 20-0 and that the rest of the world would remember him as 20-1."

    You didn't write the full comment. The fact that they compare the streak to a real-life situation is pathetic and idiotic. I don't know how low they can go, but they really need to switch back to TV-13. Because you can't call yourself a PG rated show, when you can mock someone's heart issues and someone's death on TV. What do children learn from this? To disrespect the dead???
  12. Thought they handled it with class. He didn't insult Paul Bearer or his family directly, just said that he died believing Undertaker had the perfect streak (20-0) but the rest of the world will live to see the streak die. They didn't use my predicted line of "...the streak will die right alongside Paul Bearer", unless I missed it. He then stole the urn with his ashes inside of it. I thought it was all fairly respectful while still gaining Punk some legitimate heat. I loved seeing Kane involved in this as well and their brotherly tribute to Bearer there at the end. Continuity and stuff.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. This wasn't even as bad as Punk mocking Lawler's heart attack, lol.

    You forgot to say fuck Paul Bearer's son for allowing it.
  15. Do you know what Paul Bearer would say if he saw you react this way? He'd call you a fucking pussy and tell you to get over it.
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  16. It's not disrespectful really. The only disrespect dished out was that he interrupted the tribute, but that is Punk's character. It's not because they have nothing else to write for him, because it's seriously not hard writing for Punk. It's because WWE want to do something shocking and it does that. Look at us right now, we're talking about it, that's what they want. They have succeeded, and it was a great move.

    Why wouldn't Punk do this kayfabe wise? He's a despicable heel with no respect for anyone but himself. Of course he would do this, especially in a feud. Just look at how much heat he got for it last night; people really want Taker to kick his ass now right? Perfect.

    I said the same thing regarding the heart-attack and I say the same thing now. We shouldn't care whether it's disrespectful or not, we should only care if the families involved with the unfortunate are okay with it or not. If they're not okay with it and WWE do it anyway, then I will bash the shit out of the company. If the families are okay and the unfortunate live and breathe professional wrestling, then I'm completely fine with it as it doesn't concern me, and we get great edgy TV out of it.

    WWE have done much worse than this in the days everyone seemingly begs to come back. It's hypocritical. If you're a fan of PG-WWE and think this breaks it, then don't complain about PG segments regarding Hornswoggle, because that's the product you buy into.
  17. I've been a fan since 1993. And been through all the shit. You think or a moment, that I didn't bash the WWE for the stupid Big Show/Big Boss Man feud, where Boss Man stole his father's casket from the funeral? You damn right I had a problem with it.

    Again, I don't have much problem with the storyline being edgy, I have issues with the WWE claiming it's a PG-rated show and yet they have no problem mocking someone's death on live TV. I think the WWE should fucking go back to TV-13, and stop being a bunch of hypocrites.
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    PG stands for Parental Guidance which means you have to have your parents permission to watch it. And it's TV-14 smartass.
  19. So your actual problem with this is from a network director point of view? You care that their PG representation is false and not the actual content in question? That seems something really small to care about, but let me inform you about PG television.

    "This program contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children under the age of 10.[1]
    Programs rated TV-PG contain material that parental guardians may find inappropriate for young children. May contain mild language, mild violence, and/or minimal sexual dialogue/situations."

    PG isn't G, it's still somewhat flexible with its content. It doesn't mean kids watch this show, it means kids watch this show if their parents allow them to knowing that it can contain somewhat edgy material. The segment you're angry about (Paul Bearer segment) doesn't break the "PG rules" at all. It doesn't even get close, because they didn't mock him at all. It was a segment built on Punk disrespecting Taker and the situation revolving Paul's death, but he didn't directly mock or insult Paul Bearer.
  20. Just incase OP didn't read this post.
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