The 3 superstars on the top left

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  1. Daniel Bryan needs to replace one of them. I don't care which one but he needs to be up there and everyone knows it :tough:
  2. It does need D Bry.
  3. The complaints were reasonable when it was Cena, Rey and Orton but seriously who's worth replacing on the current one? They're all awesome.
  4. Someone should make it like this. I don't do photoshop, so I can't.

  5. Idk about Roode but Bryan is better than Ziggler and Punk
  6. I agree with you, Punk. :pity:
  7. In your opinion. It's arguable that Bryan could be up there but I don't see what's wrong with Ziggler and Punk at all, they probably have as many fans on here as Bryan does.
  8. Bryan has more fans than Ziggler right now & if you don't believe me we can have a poll on it right now
  9. This would make a good banner. After editing.
  10. Vince made it and he's not here anymore.
  11. Go on then, it doesn't exactly bother me. I'm pretty sure everybody on this board likes Ziggler and I've not heard one complaint (until now ofc) about him being up there. If it's so important go ahead.
  12. I can actually do it with my video editor since it's a black background. I can use Luna key & replace the back with whatever background you guys want
  13. Which one of those three do you remove though? All three are loved here, lol.
  14. The least loved IMO would probably be Punk
  15. Just like to say Bryan is leading in the Bryan vs Ziggler poll. :jeritroll:
  16. Change it for all I care, I still don't think it's worth someone putting in the effort for something that doesn't matter is all.
  17. I want it & I'm a spoiled child :otunga:
  18. I don't really mind, if you want to take Punk out, OK.
  19. I'd rather have an updated Roode......
  20. I agree an update Roode would be nice.
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