The 30 days of September wrestling challenge

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    The 30 days of September wrestling challenge
    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. I proudly present to you, the 30 days of September wrestling challenge! Sadly not sponsored by Coca Cola (won't return my calls).​
    I saw this done on other sites and figured it would be something fun to bring activity to this section of the wrestling part of the site. And after discussing it with a couple of other frequent visitors of this section, we decided to start it up. The concept is as follows:​
    There are 30 days in the month of September. And the objective for the participants of this challenge is to watch, rate and comment on matches, recommending or dissing matches from promotions around the world to each other. And to see who can stick it out for all 30 days. I'd say an average of 2-3 matches per day would be fine (if you want to watch an entire show and rate the matches then go ahead but I think 2-3 is a nice minimum that doesn't take up too much time for us, it would equal about 90 matches in a month).​
    So the boundaries/rules are as follows:​
    The participants must watch, rate and comment on 2-3 matches per day in this thread.​
    The matches must be from promotions other than the WWE and TNA, this also means that older promotions that WWE owns the archives for are a no go (WCW, Mid south etc).​
    The matches must be rated on a 1-5 scale, 1 being the lowest, 5 the highest.​
    You can watch matches that someone else has already rated, discussion is welcome.​
    If you are going away or are spending time off the site, notify the rest of us and pick up the slack once back.​
    So who are the people taking on the challenge and trying to watch 90 matches in a month?​
    So far the signed up are:​
    @Pop Tatari​
    @Farooq DatAss​
    @Aids Johnson​
    Anyone is free to sign up of course. The last date to sign up by is September 1st. Just post here and I will add you to the list. We are just doing this for fun and to push ourselves, with the added benefit of more activity in the other wrestling section.​
    Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your interwebs. Let's do this.​
  2. Last time i buy a fucking can of coke.
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  3. #PepsiNation
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  4. This will be sponsored by cm punks arm instead
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  5. Oh....Dis gonna be good....
  6. I'm up for this challenge.
  7. Adam and Oval have been added to the list of guys taking part.
  8. Add me please.
  9. Can it be all one promotion? Like roh?
  10. if so count me in. Otherwise i need a pm for a few other promotions to watch.
  11. I Guess it can be, as long as it's not WWE or TNA...
  12. Can add me on that list big boy.
  13. Then i'm in because i watch that shit on the reg
  14. The Giants suck.
  15. Go to bed
  16. If you tired, be quiet and go to sleep, ho. I did sleep, im waiting for 30 mins to SHIT all over my insurance company. It will be worth it.
  17. To the OP: 90 matches in 30 days is a joke.

    I watched 88 matches in 11 days (NJPW G1 Climax; August 1st 2013 - August 11th 2013).

    When you come up with a serious challenge, call me.
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  18. 30 Chavo matches a day then, not including any with his lesser known uncle though.
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