Storyline The 6th Day of Kidmas

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  1. You haven't faced me ;)
  2. I would beat you and make you quit IWT. Settle down their jr
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  3. I've lost 7 matches and won 2, nothing makes me quit. Not leaving the fact that nearly all those matches have me with less than 3 votes and a couple with 0 and a WHOLE bunch with pity votes. I challenge you, bring your shovel and i'll buy the grave and tombstone
  4. More like you'll try cheating again and get kicked out of IWT.
  5. k
  6. I can't bury what's already 10ft in the ground
  7. You can make something go from 10 to 100. Can't you?
  8. I'm looking to get buried let's make it happen.
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  10. OOC: This is supposed to be Dat Kid's promo. Might wanna move it to another thread.
  11. Is there a calendar for Kidmas? The days are distorted. :jeritroll:
  12. OOC: Great Promo, Kid! I really enjoyed this and I hope you blow the roof off mania!
  13. A day is added every time your mom cheats on your dad
  14. I'll be on the lookout at Mania. Thanks for the heads up! #Lookout #NotAsianJabriStyle [​IMG]
  15. Dat kid hates making jobbers job! #DATKIDRACIST!
  16. Cool story bro.
  17. Damn, did Crayo let the spambots back on the site?
  18. How tired is he? So tired he's sittin in the tub
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