Storyline The 7 Days of Kidmas

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  1. Day 1
    Dat Kid stands inside a parking garage on the top deck. The area is covered in snow as Kid grabs hold of the camera.

    We are in Montclair. New Jersey.
    Kid swings the camera around to see the desolate high rise buildings meshed with wilderness.
    This is the place that I come from, a small little place outside of my hometown, which will remain undisclosed.
    Kid looks out into the distance before focusing in on the ground.

    I'm not at IWT Uprising tonight and you may think that was a decision made by others, but like all decisions in IWT they can all be linked to me. You see, I chose not to be in whatever redneck state IWT is bringing that half assed programming to you from. In a little less than a month I face the toughest man to ever grace an IWT ring, I'm talking about George. So naturally, I have chosen to remove myself from the IWT, because there are a lot of men who hate me right now, who would choose to strike on me. However, I will not turn a blind eye to these men. I will address each and every one of these individuals and wipe away their animosity towards me before I step into that ring with George,

    You can't make it through a single promo in IWT without mention of my name. I hear "Dat Jobber" this, "Kid buried that", "pretend god that". I hear it from every single person, except the very man I'm facing. Now I am tired of listening. I'm talking to the entire IWT locker room right now, so you best pay attention. It is my time to speak about each and every one of you. I will hit you with hard truths that you will be incapable to swallow, some of you may choke and die, others will wish they had.

    Dat Kid looks up at the camera

    Christian it takes a bold man to walk back in here the way you did. It takes a bold man to have such a sense of entitlement to a championship you gave up. Suspended as a result of the company's wellness policy, your fault, your choice, your consequences. Then you think you can just walk in here and take the championship from me? But I'm the delusional one, right guys?

    At least when I call myself God I have the facts to back it up. What do you have Chirstian? A bunch of no show title matches from an inaugural title match which you won by default. I don't get it. People are quick to throw God under the bus, but when it comes to an overrated competitor such as yourself, you're suddenly this great competitor that creative wants to stick me in a match with. If I wanted to face a no name former world champ I would have faced Suicide, because at least he still competes on a regular basis. When's the last time you had a match? I mean I know you want that title, but where's your match, surely you have to prove yourself-

    Oh wait, you want me to just give you one? Oh, because you never lost the title, Oh you mean this title?
    Kid holds up the belt
    The one you brought back and then without even stepping into one match, proclaim yourself champion of the world, Then people look at me and say I'm the reason the world championship doesn't matter. I beat 5 of the best IWT had to offer in one night, but I'm the guy who gets the blame. Funny how that works.

    Let me let you in on a little secret Christian. Your first title reign's end was attributed to Seabs, but you want to know who made that happen? Take a look at who was behind the scenes at the time, cane in hand....that's right, it was me. I'm the one who took Seabs, a man in the tag division who had no business in the world title picture and put him against you because I knew he would not only show up to the match, but he would beat you and he did. Then like a child, you ran back to your mother in Canada.

    Now things have come full circle! Once again you have world championship ambitions and I am here to tell you, that they will remain exactly that, ambitions. So you can have your little fight with Jwab and you can be foolish enough to think that a win over the weak link of every stable that has ever existed grants you a title shot against me, but when months pass and I'm still holding this piece of crap, you will realize something.

    You don't matter.

    Dat Kid places the camera on the ground and walks away.

    Until tomorrow
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  9. lmao Dat kid vs Jwab would draw at least as well as Dat Kid vs George. At least there wont be a unification match.
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  14. Lol ok.
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  15. Day 2

    Dat Kid walks up the ramp of the parking garage and towards the camera he left on the floor. Kid picks up the camera.

    You know what I've realized. There are three factions in the IWT. There's The Order, which barely hangs on by a thread. There's The Church, which currently is ruling the IWT as much as people don't want to admit it. Then there's that other group...
    Wait a second Kid! That's it, there's no more stables, what are you talking about? Oh c'mon Kid, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The 3rd group!
    I am talking about The Cure!
    What? The Cure's dead...
    Oh, that's what they'd like you to think wouldn't they. Truth is, the cure never died. The Cure is alive and thriving AND it has been thriving since Summerslam...behind the scenes.

    Just the way Aids likes to do things, behind the scenes.

    Dat Kid looks directly at the camera.

    Aids Johnson, the puppet master, or so he likes to think. You know what's funny about Aids, he thinks he's me, but yet he's the predecessor. He's got his little band of buddies from The Cure that he hangs out with backstage who kiss his ass and lie to his face. "Aids Johsnon will be the greatest general manager of all time!", "Aids Johnson knows what's best for business", "Aids can not be beaten" and they'll fill your head up, get your ego going. You combine that with your well documented substance abuse and you've got an our of control imbecile who'll tug on the strings of IWT as roughly as he can, not accomplishing what he wants, but only making a mess of the wires.

    I mean it's not the first time you've had your period. You've been menstruating for quite some time now and your cure buddies are bringing you chocolates in exchange for title shots. I mean if we're looking it at in a realistic perspective, The Cure owns half of the singles titles currently in circulation, ain't that something. Guys who were all nothing but X-Division John Doe's now are starting to position themselves in places of power, such coincidence.

    But things are changing for you aren't they Aids. You no longer hold that championship. You won't be able to help your Cure buddies much longer. You no longer have as much say in the IWT as you had before and you know you can't get it back because Joey Bryant destroyed you in that chamber to the point where you just decided to bend over and take it like a housewife. So now what do you do? You Cure buddies are starting to realize that you have no more power, you are losing your friends, the final handful of people who find you relevant. So now you go after Mr. Smith out of pure desperation. STOP! I know what you're thinking, do not even lie to me and say that it is not, because I know you Aids. You would never give up your main event spot at mania...unless you knew you were walking into a losing battle.

    You know, part of me is actually happy Victoria Parker will go down in history as your greatest rival because I would be outright embarrassed to admit that my greatest rival was a lonely drunk who got manipulated by a bunch of dimwitted parasites.

    Here we stand today as you look to me for help. After everything you've said to me. The man who is so quick to shove my error with FSW in my face, call me a jobber, denounce the value of the championship i hold, and criticizes the way i raise the people i keep company with. Now you want my help in your pursuit of power? Not only do you want it, you feel entitled to it, for everything you have "done" for me. Aids you are pulling on strings you can't handle and now you want my help as you sit in that tangled bit of wire.

    Aids there is two ways to untangle a puppet.
    1. You can spend hours looking at the mess and meticulously fix it
    2. You cut the strings...
    Aids you asked me if I had your back

    Kid rests the camera on a wall. He pulls out a puppet wearing an Aids Johnson relevant hoodie and pulls it by the strings, making it walk.

    I've always had your back Aids...

    Dat Kid pulls out a pair of scissors from his back pocket and cuts the puppet from it's strings, it falls flat on it's face.

    Had to junk this one. My audience was getting tired of it's act.

    Dat Kid places the camera back on the floor and walks away.

    Until tomorrow
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  16. Day 3

    Dat Kid walks up to the top deck of the parking garage, walking towards the camera on the ground.

    I just don't understand it sometimes. People see what I do, what I have done, and what I can do, but through all that they want to defy me. I just don't understand it. It's like some sort of constant thrill to cheer for the so called underdogs of the company. When that underdog finally wins, they almost immediately become the most hated being in the IWT.

    Dat Kid picks up his camera, but looks out into the distance.

    And I'm not talking about Joey Bryant, I'm talking about me. Joey Bryant is not the most hated man in the IWT. There is no denying that he is hated, but the reason he is hated is because of his association with me. Quite frankly neither of us care about your biased opinions, because if Joey Bryant had sided with Aids Johnson, you people would be all over him, just like you were months ago. But because Joey is with me, you'll boo him because no matter what he does because the majority of you are nothing, but brainwashed servants of Aids Johnson and you know it's true. Let me ask you something though, how many of Aids Johnson's so called "buddies" have held the IWT Championship, hell how many of em have held a World Championship period? I'll tell you how many, zero. I've taken 3 people under my wing and 2 of them have won world championships and that makes you all bitter.

    Bitter, knowing that despite Aids being the so called "superstar of the year" can't get you what you want the most. A lot of you have you accused me of "using" Joey Bryant. Tell me exactly how I've done that? Getting him out of that joke of a tag team division and moving those cogs to position Joey Bryant in an place where we all knew he would be victorious? I guess I should go pray to myself for being such a bad person. I guess I should be more like Aids and make false promises, so that people will back me in my matches. Nice loss to Mr. Smith by the way Aids, we both know you loss that match. Oh I guess I should be like Aids and put main event competitors in the X-Division.

    Dat Kid looks at the camera.

    Hello Alias @THG? . You seem to run your mouth about me a lot now a days. You still upset about the rumble? That's too bad because in the right hands you could have been something. Now look at you, talk about big fish in a small pond and oh is that pond getting ever so small by the second. I mean, who else is there left in the X-Division for you to beat. Soon enough that pond's gonna dry up and you're gonna be flopping about trying to cling on to your very life as you flop about aimlessly. You could blame creative all you like, but the truth is, the only man you have to blame...

    Kid points at the camera. you.

    You see, much like Jwab, you are the very definition of a parasite. You cling on to anything that will get you one step closer to the IWT Championship. The difference between you and Jwab, is that you're an idiot. You see, because as foolish as Jwab is he had sense enough to leech on to the right guy. While you've leeched on to everyone, BUT the right guy. First it was Aids, but that self serving zealot ended up leeching off of you and the rest of The Cure, then left you all for dead. Now you're trying to leech off of The Order, which is the stupidest thing I've seen you do. I've already taken out their leader, so that whole Twilight fan club is operating on an iron lung, while you have Marcus Anthony, a man whom I destroyed along with 4 others in the Elimination Chamber trying to lead the pack in the absence of Slutanica. So if you're taking orders from a man I've beat...what does that make you? An idiot. Idiot Antonio actually has a nice ring to it.

    See now if you'd decided to partner up with the right person, me, things might be different for you. I mean, you certainly are more talented than Jwab and if you served me I would have made you the next big thing, when Joey Bryant gets bored of holding meaningless titles. I honestly think the reason he holds it is because he gets a joy out of dangling it in front of you fools like keys dangling over cats.

    But, that's not the case for you Alias. You, still blind in the errors of your way, will continue to leech on to dying idols of yesteryear. This is why you will remain where you began Alias. When you first came in people thought of you as just another X-Division guy, now you're their champion and some people might think that's actually progress, when the only thing it really is is pathetic. You are an X-Division Champion who should be a world champion, you want to know why you're not World Champion? It's because you allow yourself to be manipulated by men you can beat and HAVE beat.

    So, when you're ready to get off the Merry Go-Round known as the X-Division and ride the big boy roller coaster, you know where to find me.

    Dat Kid puts down the camera and walks away

    Until tomorrow
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  17. Day 4

    Dat Kid walks up to the top of the parking garage's top deck and picks up the camera on the ground.

    Indeed, you better watch out, you should have been watching out the entire time. You thought The Church was some sort of Cure reboot, some of you thought it was less than that. Now what do you have to say? We have what you prize the most. I bet you're watching us now, but delusional egomaniacs like Aids and The Skype Chat Ensemble will grasp at thin air to demean what we have accomplished, They say I bury people, but we all know nothing's more self-defricating than a bunch of sore losers,

    The truth is, we own you and the only thing you can do is simply be grateful enough that we've allowed you to be on the same card as us. The only setback The Church has had is Joey Bryant's opponent at Wrestlemania.

    Dat Kid looks at the camera

    Hello Bruce Knight @Forrest . It must be a dream for you, not to main event, but to be in the same ring as Joey Bryant. You must realize by now, that if you hadn't gotten lucky at the Royal Rumble you would have retired from the IWT before Joey Bryant even looked in your direction, let alone have a match with you.

    If I were a coward like Aids Johnson, this would be the perfect scenario. Aside from winning the Royal Rumble what have you honestly done in the IWT. Don't answer that, I keep a pretty good record of what happens in IWT, so I can answer it for you. Allow me to list the major accomplishments of Bruce Knight.

    Dat Kid takes a moment of silence.


    You have got to be the most underwhelming competitor in the history of the IWT, so much so, that it is almost a lie to even say you are a competitor. There were 29 other people in that match and the one that no one wanted to win got it. Do you recall that night Bruce? The night you pointed to the Wrestlemania 2 sign, the crowd cheered Joey Bryant, and IWT Creative went on suicide watch. Of course you do, you're probably the only one who recalls it.

    However, at Wrestlemania you won't be recalling anything. What's going to happen to you at Wrestlemania will traumatize you for the rest of your life. After Wrestlemania you will cease to exist and if you do somehow manage to exist afterwards, you will wish you didn't.

    Allow me to tell you what's going to happen. Joey Bryant is going to beat you at Wrestlemania and it's not going to be quick, he is going to take his time and use your body as a human billboard for everyone in the back. And that billboard will read "Joey doesn't weep" because unlike me Joey Bryant does not have sympathy for you, he does not care if he leaves you handicap by the end of the match, he does not care if you have a family, he does will not hold back because you are a no name flash in the pan. Simply put, Joey Bryant is a man who shows no mercy.

    Then when he leaves you an unrecognizable pile human remains, I'm going to walk down to the ring and hang your body out to dry on those ring ropes, just like I did with Adam and just like I did with Brit.

    Then when the night after when Uprising goes on the air, we'll start the show with your picture and the text under it will read "Guy who won the rumble ??? - 2014".

    Dat Kid drops the camera on the ground and walks away,

    Until Tomorrow
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  18. Day 5

    Dat Kid walks up to the top deck of the parking garage.

    Your heroes are dead. They've been dying off one by one and I bet you haven't even noticed it. I mean lets take a look at the IWT landscape from 3 months ago in 2013 and compare it it to just a few short months in 2014. Everyone that has main evented during that time period is nowhere to be found! You can call me what you want, but the one thing you can't call me is dead and that's exactly what all of my so called competition is now. Christian was never and will never be competition, dead. Senhor Perfect, the man who took the IWT by storm, dead. Aids Johnson the man who is losing what's left of his legacy by every second he's not champion is one preemptive rematch clause away from being dead. Frank The Jock, dead. Seabs, dead.

    Dat Kid looks at the camera.

    Victoria Parker @CrayJ Lee , dead and what a magnificent death that was. You spent nearly if not half a year in the title picture and the moment you lost it you were left with nothing! You disappeared quicker than Senhor did and your stock has fallen. Your days of public urination and false entitlement through femininity is over, done. Ms. Parker, I don't even think you have a match at Wrestlemania, do you? I mean who would honestly want to face you? The only thing a person would get out of facing you is crabs and provided you don't fuck your way into another title match I expect you to be gone for a very long time.

    You know what I never understood about you, your resentment towards me. Out of everyone in the IWT, no one has pushed your career as much as I did. If it was not for me, you would have never been where you were. Don't raise an eyebrow at me. Think about it, who came to your rescue and got you your win over two world champions? Who did you face for the title? Who never cashed in his rematch clause for that championship? Bingo...and now it starts to sink in. Victoria Parker is a product of yours truly.

    ...but everything after that. That was all you. Pretending to be crazy, teaming with Danielson, the man who betrayed you, losing to half assed Johnson, and your current downward spiral. Dat Kid was nowhere in sight when that happened, you failed on your own. Unlike God's favorite angel, Joey Bryant, who continues to persevere on his own, unmoved over petty losses against petty competitors. Victoria Parker, you have lost your edge. When I look at you, I know longer see a vengeful warrior, I see a feeble little housewife crying her eyes out like a Lifetime movie.

    Victoria Parker this is a warning. You are on the cusp of becoming the next Senhor Perfect and you can think that some man in shining armor is coming to save you, like I did at Wrestlemania, but the truth is no one cares about you. This is not The Notebook, you don't have a happy ending. So you can sit in your hotel room and drown your sorrows in a pint sized containers of Ben & Jerry, cause their the only men that'll be in your bed nowadays, and you can sit there wondering where did it all go wrong. Then when you think of that question, I want you to get your ass up, walk to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and point to yourself because you can blame Aids, Joey Bryant, me, and IWT Creative, but until you realize who's fault it REALLY is....

    the only title you have to worry about is the title on the tombstone of your dead career.

    Dat Kid puts down the camera.

    Until Tomorrow
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