The Abscence of Nightmare

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  1. *The Lights dim as Smoke fill the ring and stage. A Shadowy figure appears in the ring. As the smoke disperses, A Leather Jacket is seen thrown from the ring into the crowd. Once the smoke is gone, Nightmare stands in the ring*

    Heheh.....I've been gone for 2 week....A long 2 weeks. After my first defeat, I actually noticed something.. I wasn't trained at the level of a Higher ranked star.

    *Nightmare paces around the ring*

    Now, I've been off training in the Shadow Grounds, I've been training in the shadows and I noticed that when I left....This place still missed something....Fear.

    I haven't seen anyone quake in their boots or piss their pants at another star....but My training, I assure you, will haunt you. I'm still rusty, yet, I feel the need to smell the Shame of others....

    *Nightmare leaves the ring and walks over to the barrier where he sees a Fan. He goes up and Presses the Microphone upon the fans head*

    I saw you just now, shouting for your favorite guy....In due time, he shall fall but for now...The weaklings are first.

    *Nightmare pulls the microphone back from the fan then hits him after he hears the fan chuckle*
    So....Are you Laughing now....Funny man?

    *Nightmare walks to the stage then jumps off. He begins to walk around the stage to the backstage area*
  2. *Alkaline cuts Nightmare off right at the curtain, forcing him back out onto the ramp*

    AK: Now hold on for one second there cowboy. There's already a couple of guys running around in this mad house claiming to bring fear and destruction and what not. Quite frankly, I don't care about what kind of Boogey man rip off you are or what experience you have from working in haunted houses at theme parks. What I care about is this, can your body cash the checks your mouth is writing?

    *Alkaline pushes nightmare further out on the ramp*

    AK: To make a long story short: How about instead of talking a bunch of bullshit about fear and horrors, you put your money where your mouth is and face me right here in this ring tomorrow night?

    *Crowd pops as Alkaline stares down Nightmare*
  3. *Nightmare walks down the ramp and goes to pick up his Leather Jacket. He turns his head around chuckles*
    Hehe....This Mad House is full of Imbeciles....I can see your already one. Hehe, These fans can cheer all they want because they'll all be crying when I kick your ass!
    Tomorrow Night....Me and You...right here.....I Will Show you The True Embodiment of Fear and the full extent of my Darkness!

  4. AK: You do an awful lot of talking...

    *Alkaline spits in Nightmare's face*

    AK: Lets see how good you are at running your mouth when I've sown it shut.

    *Alkaline walks right up to Nightmare and stares him down.*
  5. *Nightmare Spray Alkaline with Black Spray in his face, then walks up the ramp*
    And you Threaten me with weak, pitiful words.....I Shall Make you fear me, You Weakling!
    *Nightmare Vanishes backstage by walking through some black smoke on the stage*